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She belongs in this franchise so good to have her back. I go with that twin sister bit. But after dragging a 2 ton safe thru the streets of Rio (PR) does it really matter?
@bawnian-dexeus Maybe a little of both aka Conquest and Battle of the originals. Lets not forget in the original script of Battle it addresses the Forbidden Zone and due to budget all that was drop. It could have come full circle for Planet and Beneath. It's in one of the books on the making of. Anyways hope they bring back Wyatt, he knew what he had in his hands.
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So what's the budget for this now? Love westerns and Depp did great with Rango last year but I hope Disney learned it's lesson with John Carter ad it's marketing department.
A board game that's actually going to be good? Well Liam is there and so will I, even after Titans 2. And already a hit overseas like Titanic 3D which is the biggest 3D ever? Yep thanks China and foreign markets. It almost saved John Carter. But the big mouse screwed that up.
CHILL ???? Don't worry Bay, we will when this comes out at theatres, pay-per-view, dvd/Blu-ray, cable, etc and there's no attendence. Just because you got away with Transformers franchise doesn't mean you can get away with anything.
Wait a second, didn't the mad scientist died in the first one if I remember correctly? I found the first one interesting as it was all suggestive and not torture porn (Hostel yes!) and cinematography was kind of cool. 2nd was just plain gross so screw the third one. Now again, Didn't Laser die?
Can somebody correct me on this? Didn't Ayroyd say they had a script already and that was used for the video game a few years back when he realized the studios were not going for the 3rd movie? Besides that who cares, it was a good one shot deal, lousy sequel and cartoon series, let it rest...
Wonder the one who thought of this title is a Star Trek/Klingon fan...just ...Harder? yeah that's
Cool. Yeah they took a hint form MI4 but why not, this franchise deserves it. And looking forward to that huge BR box set coming later this year. $199 on amazon. Hell yeah!
ps his last films sucked! I there an editing feature I'm missing? LOL...
The Rock could work with this regardless of long hair or not, LOL. But damn Ratner? Hell no, overrated and his last few films sucker! Keep him away from this genre. Rock deserves a better, WAY better director.
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Swell, they went ahead and ruin it. Hopefully we have a choice whether to see it in 2d or 3d. Not like Thor where the suits made sure some theatres did not show it in 2D so you had no choice to pay for 3d prices. The greedy basterds. And sure Warner convinced him (Do it our way or you'll never work in this town again) and he decided they were right all along. And does Avengers (als converted) have to be in 3D?(yeah I know this belongs in another forum) but still, even the trailer itself doesn't look too hot for that anyways.
Bring it all back to end the trilogy. More the better. But my old time favorite is Adam West Batmobile. It says it all: Coming thru, out of my way, I'm parking here any problems?
@brian.....Thanks! I hope the studio see what I'm seeing on this site. Fans are damn passionate about their topic. Either they love it or really hate it. But on this topic this is so blah that nobody really cares either way. If I were a headless studio suit (what we call them on our show) I would think twice about spending $150-200M and getting a chick flick director. I'm just saying, lol
This Guy? There goes the franchise. All wannabees say they grew up with this and want to do the right thing. Yeah don't piss of the fans and kiss their ass by saying the right thing. . And they all want a chunk of the profits from a franchise. Man all these guys are by the book
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By the way did anyone see Tropico de Sangre, dominican movie she did last year? Bad reviews on IMDB.
@tyranus ..stop acting? why? didn't you get a kick of him getting blown away at the end of CSI in that 2 part special. That was funny! Nah I don't take him serious. He is just the tip of the iceberg of the music corporate greed thats using him. Glad that whole corporate structure is dying. So when music labels complain screw them, they get what they deserve. FREE music for everyone!
PS this also shows total disrespect to his fans by milking them and using them for their bucks. No shame for treating them like dummies. Somebody thinks in this camp their that important....Just saying...
How lowlife desperate can you get. Just to try to keep the crap from falling off the top 10. It's already no. 6 and falling fast. Can't wait for the sequel tho...all about suicide attempts after drug rehab failed after calling Danny Banoducci for help. Oh never mind Mini Vanili did that.
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This does make perfect sense and your right @knobie09 killing off his character..well I guess Costner is never going to get around to Waterworld 2


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