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I thought death at a funeral was hilarious.
Again.... A british movie.

Is there a pattern here or something??
I think it would be a great remake.
Only if you make it in a different way.
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Very nice for you! I also want to become a filmmaker. It is a dream of mine, and I am going to live it. Soon, I am going to Hollywood to see how it's all done there. Good luck in the movie career my friend!
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Thanks. But I like a lot of different movies. Comedy, and action would be my favorite. I figure the idea I have would be a comedy.
Thanks for the advice.
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Ok, I am fifteen years old, and I reeeeeaaallly want to make a full length feature film.
I have been trying to come up with some ideas, and putting something together.
And I really can't think of anything. But I did have ONE idea.
the movie would be based off my life, and me trying to come up with an idea for a movie. I know that it sounds confusing, but its the only thing I can come up with.
My character is trying to think of her own movie. I don't yet have a beginning middle or end, so go along.

So is this a good idea?
Do you think it could get anywhere?
If so, pleeaase tell me.
Or help me come up with another idea.
francis42 reviewed the movie Charlie Bartlett

"Pretty dang funny."
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what the hell? High School Musical 2?

Def Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street

You must be three to watch Highschool Musical 2. Or one. I go with this guy on Sweeney.
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francis42 reviewed the movie The Invisible

"Amazing filming"
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Ok, I saw this movie in the theatre when it came out, and I just watched it on DVD again, and my mom and I were wondering why this movie never won any awards or anything. it wasn't even nominated for anything. But it's a great movie. It hase beautiful scenes, great acting... I just don't get it.

Who else has seen the Invisible?
francis42 reviewed the movie Mad Money

"Mad Money, Sweeeet."
I would always keep them the same in every movie I made. It just gets beter reviews.
These all sound like great nominations. I can't wait!
actually he had apparently just started filming a new Terry Gilliam movie.

Omg, that is even worse... Didn't even get to finish a movie
Yeah, that would suck. But his last movie was Batman. But they will probably commorate the movie to him, being the last movie he made before he died.
Heath Ledger dies at age 28. He was a great actor as it seems. His last movie he ever did was Batman. He plays the infamous Joker. So long Heath Ledger. Thanks for being a great actor.
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K. It look kinda stupid to me.
GO to youtube and look up "youtube is my life". Its hilarious.
This is hilarious.
Sorry, I spelt that wrong... Seether.