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Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Annabelle

""Annabelle" is all hype, and not much else. If only the script could broaden some horizons and actually inflict more than a slew of typical frights that horror is succ*mbing too. I expected better."
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Left Behind

"Don't get Left Behind with these imbeciles"
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie The Equalizer

"Looking for a story? you're not going to find a strong one in the Denzal headliner "The EQUALIZER" a dark and crisp action film, with a lot of brawn, but hardly any bite."
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie The Maze Runner

""The Maze Runner" has such a captivating plot, you can't resist..even if you wanted. Thanks in part to a talented cast, this is easily one of bigger (albeit) much well earned surprises of the year."

""This Is Where I Leave You" is inviting for all the right reasons, just don't be surprised if it pushes you away all the same."
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie No Good Deed

"No good deed goes unpunished as the saying goes, what could go punished? the makers of "No Good Deed""
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie As Above, So Below

""As Above, So Below" offers plenty to fans thirsty for the next 'found-footage' thriller. The film balances the tone perfectly thanks to a well written script. Aside from all the cliches, and predictable shaky cam techniques. I was still engulfed entirely"

""When The Game Stand Tall" does most of the job justice. Settling for a broad light-hearted tone that can easily sway your opinion and you can be, at least 70% inspired."
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Lucy

"So much work was infused into such an effortless narrative, that tries to be openly optimistic. Instead, not finding a rhythm, Lucy stumbles..and falls-hard."
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Chef

""Chef" is smartly executed, paced and written. Writer and Director Jon Favreau leaves his lasting mark on this sweetly brisk and quintessential film, that is often hilarious yet sentimental too."
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie The Expendables 3

"Settling for PG13 debauchery rather than the hard R bestowed upon the first two entries, "Expendables 3" is easily a lame counterpart that is thinly written, oversaturated, and too long. Not even worthy to call itself an "Expandable" feature."

"As far as reboots are concerned. This new rendition of the 'Mutant Ninja Turtles' is admirable in all it's aspects and fun for 'most' ages."
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Into the Storm

"Neither exciting, nor anything else. "Into The Storm" fumbles into old territory. Offering admirable visual splendor that get's lost amidst all the mayhem and destruction."
@h-ryuga Thanks for the comment, Gunn has directed alot of indie fare. Look at "Slither" ideally a gory masterpiece. He also directed "Super".
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Boyhood

"Richard Linklater's sensational, and nostalgic masterpiece "Boyhood" is a film that will forever live in our hearts, and be cherished for many years to come. Easily the best film of the year."

""Guardians Of The Galaxy, is subtle in the sense of groundbreaking new entertainment. Featuring a top notch cast. A toe tapping soundtrack, and a raccoon voiced by Bradley Cooper, what more could you want?"
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Hercules

"There is enough here, thanks to Ratner and Johnson, to progress the film along and at least provide some resonance of a big budget-popcorn flick."
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Let's Be Cops

""Let's Be Cops" settles in early on, establishes strong characters and balances the R rated humor with the bawdy action sequences. This results; in a more than watchable film that has a strong premise, and even stronger performances."