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Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Oculus

"....."Oculus" leaves the ending wide open for "hopefully" future installments. However, "Oculus" takes a heavy stance on mind over matter. Not a ton of blood and genuine scares. "Oculus" is a rare horror flick, that makes things go bump in the night......"
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Draft Day

""Draft Day" won't go down among the great sports flicks like "Jerry Maguire" or "Field of Dreams" but aside from a few predictable out-comes. The film easily caters to it's niche audience of football fanatics, but to people that also don't enjoy the sport"
It was not "stop motion" -- try and get your facts correct before writing your "comment" on the film.
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"In a new era of superhero flicks, Marvel has simply outdone themselves. "Captain America: The Winter Soilder" is smarter, bolder, and bigger than any sequel to date. Engaging, as well as, perfectly shot. This is a superior entry into the Marvel universe."
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Sabotage

"While Schwarzenegger does the absolute best he can, with the script he is given. The David Ayer directed thriller is a lackluster attempt, at making a convincing action film. The only thing that has been "sabotaged" here is the consumers money, and time."
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Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Noah

"Hollywood takes it's own verse on the biblical tale "Noah". Told in a much grander scale, that leaves much room for interpretation. Russel Crowe owns the role, this goes without saying. Darren Aronfosky has a great vision, that I have much respect for."
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Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Dom Hemingway

"Jude Law gives the performance of his career as the titular character "Dom Hemingway". Law, infuses much livelihood into a screenplay that desperately needed it."
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Bad Words

"Jason Bateman's directorial debut "Bad Words" is not just your average, raunchy dark comedy. Rather, a sensitive one. That has a deeper meaning, and a message that moviegoers can walk away with."

"Thanks to the charismatic charm, of Wes Anderon's brillaint screenplay and direction. "The Grand Budapest Hotel" is extremely funny and hearfelt, in every sense of the word, and featuring some of the best performances by any cast, ever."
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Divergent

"Never is "Divergent" a perfect film. In fact, it's kind of silly, and predictable. However, in a world where young adult adaptations are taking hold. "Divergent" is not as horrible, as you would think."
Forrestgump1 gave this a Thumbs Up
Forrestgump1 gave this a Thumbs Up
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Need for Speed

""Need For Speed" brings nothing of believe to the table. Rather exploiting itself, the dangerous stunts, and breathtaking race sequences. Aaron Paul turns in a fine performance. There is something for everyone here. A real blast."

"Thanks to an impeccable voice cast, featuring Ty Burrell and the ambitions direction of Rob Minkoff. "Mr Peabody & Sherman" avoids being dull and caters to the young audiences, as well as, the older crowds who grew up with these lovable characters."
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