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Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Blended

"In terms of endearment, "Blended" is harmless by all means. The chemsitry between Sandler & Barrymore is good. However, the jokes are pretty trashy, and the humor will only muster a chuckle a two."
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Godzilla

"While hardcore fans will be pleased with a rather exciting rendition of the infamous creature. Audience members will be shocked, by a well written screenplay that perfectly balances mayhem and destruction, with strong characters and breathtaking visuals."
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Million Dollar Arm

"The new Disney film "Million Dollar Arm" is far away from being inspirational, but has the added strength of a strong cast. Ideally, this is a film you will see once, tell your friends about, and then one week later, forget you ever saw it."
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Neighbors

""Neighbors" has a keen sense of humor, that perfectly balances the crude R-rated humor, with some sentimentality. Thanks to the high levels of energy from the cast and some memorable jokes. Rogen and company have crafted yet another successful comedy"
@mcleve02 Thanks man! Someone has to keep up! I wish I could get that "Official Stamp" ..

"While, yes Marc Webb's follow up to "Amazing Spider-Man" has some underdeveloped characters and a disruptive narrative. However, is still an engaging spectacle that has a deep message rooted beneath it's family friendly web slinging hero"
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Brick Mansions

"While it requires a suspension of disbelief, most action films do. "Brick Mansions" is a blast to watch on screen. Aside from some poorly edited shots, loosely dubbed lines. The cast and stunts are likeable enough to make up for those flaws."
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Transcendence

"The sci-fi mess that is "Transcendence" features a candid, Johnny Depp locked inside a computer screen and a plot that misses the mark. While first time director Wally Pfister attempts his best foot forward. Tragically, the film never moves ahead."
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie A Haunted House 2

"An unnecessary sequel in every sense. High on obnoxious stupidity, and low on laughs. "A Haunted House 2" is a plain and morbid comedy that is to dumb for it's own good"
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Heaven Is for Real

"Thanks to the screen presence of Greg Kinnear and the direction of Randall Wallace, "Heaven Is For Real" is sentimental and touching. But falls into the inclusion of typical inspiring like films that have come before it."
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Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Oculus

"....."Oculus" leaves the ending wide open for "hopefully" future installments. However, "Oculus" takes a heavy stance on mind over matter. Not a ton of blood and genuine scares. "Oculus" is a rare horror flick, that makes things go bump in the night......"
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Draft Day

""Draft Day" won't go down among the great sports flicks like "Jerry Maguire" or "Field of Dreams" but aside from a few predictable out-comes. The film easily caters to it's niche audience of football fanatics, but to people that also don't enjoy the sport"
It was not "stop motion" -- try and get your facts correct before writing your "comment" on the film.
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"In a new era of superhero flicks, Marvel has simply outdone themselves. "Captain America: The Winter Soilder" is smarter, bolder, and bigger than any sequel to date. Engaging, as well as, perfectly shot. This is a superior entry into the Marvel universe."
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Sabotage

"While Schwarzenegger does the absolute best he can, with the script he is given. The David Ayer directed thriller is a lackluster attempt, at making a convincing action film. The only thing that has been "sabotaged" here is the consumers money, and time."