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Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie White House Down

"White House Down is your basic very average thriller that is thoroughly predictable & to be appreciated for entertainment purposes only. Its not on the levels of Olympus Has Fallen, but more or less a tasteless effort in the realm of summer blockbusters"
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie World War Z

"World War Z is an intense and exhilarating as well a smart and significantly intelligent thriller all the same. Director Marc Forester clearly re-invent's how the ideal person looks at your typical zombie and it is wonderful, unique and simply creative."
@ghostman when i say "true" sequel i meant that Cars 2 was a sequel nobody wanted to see. Even though Toy Story 2 is a sequel i don't look at it that way because it was just as good if not better than the first. And yes i suppose that is a coincidence about that statement because i don't like to read critic reviews because i wanna have my own fresh perspective when going into a film and not be influenced by what other people think. But thanks for the feedback and the read!
Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Monsters University

"Monsters University, a clever, unique & completely fun wild, insane yet emotional ride is easily the best animated film so far this year. Although an unnecessary prequel to say the least, at the end of the day, I'm so glad Pixar decided to make this movie"
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Forrestgump1 rated the news item: The Lego Movie Trailer!
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Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie Man of Steel

"Superman freaks and geeks alike should all come together and celebrate that yes indeed our beloved Superman is back!. Man of Steel, although a bit long and sometimes too cartoonish, is a great achievement and reminds us all why we love this cape crusader"
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If you keep this up! you may just make it on this website ;) haha!. Feel free to check out some of my reviews if ya get the chance.
As a devoted and long-time fan of Scream and an alumni of this website.. i approve this review. Nice Job man, as a newbie to the site, i am very impressed. Most newbies take the easy way out and just write like two words. This was well thought out and creative. Good Job.
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Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie This Is the End

"This is the End is outrageous, raunchy, crude, lude and just about everything you can possibly think off. But its still an undeniably funny motion picture. Not only is 'This is the End' the best comedy of the year, it's also one of 2013's best as well."
@ghostman @vincente-avengers-alonso IT SAYS CHRIS BROWN & RHIANNA - so that counts as two instead of one.
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Forrestgump1 reviewed the movie The Purge

"Its safe to say its not perfect, Writer and Director James DeMonaco has convulsed a very interesting and eerie premise, The Purge has it flaws, but its the thought and work infused into the story and script that makes the Purge all the more entertaining."