Extraordinary Measures DVD

"This is one Terrific movie from start to finish this movie Grips! you with very compelling performances by Brendan Frasier and Harrison Ford .. this is a true tear-jerker , Excellent movie .. , this is a truly Hopeful and Uprising and very inspirational f"
Forrestgump1 gave it 5.0 Stars

Iron Man 2

"Iron Man 2 is one of the sequels that by far beats out its Predecessor .. I loved every second of this thrill to the min Extravaganza ,Robert Downy Jr. Was Brilliant as Tony Stark .. a MUST SEE for everyone!"
Forrestgump1 gave it 5.0 Stars

A Nightmare on Elm Street

"This new Re-imaging of a nIghtmare on Elm Street i gotta say i liked it more than Friday the 13th.. Haley gives a very horrific and genuine great performance as Freddy! Watch out hes coming for you!"
Forrestgump1 gave it 4.5 Stars

The Losers

"The Losers does not live up to how gorey or violent Kick Ass was but this movie was good , Had action , a GREAT cast and the perfect humor."
Forrestgump1 gave it 4.5 Stars


"This movie LIVES up to its TITLE!"
Forrestgump1 gave it 5.0 Stars

How to Train Your Dragon

"If you had thought you had seen all the good entertaing animated films after UP well Your Wrong This movie soars to new heights and is breathtaking .. this definatly is the best film of the year thus far .. its going to be very hard to top this FILM!"
Forrestgump1 gave it 5.0 Stars

Clash of the Titans

"This film did live up to some expectations it was not awesome or anything it did not need to be in 3D and The performances were spot on!."
Forrestgump1 gave it 2.0 Stars

Hot Tub Time Machine

"This movie was the grosset and Funniest movie i have ever seen in a long long time! it is an Instant Classic i swear! I Highly reccomend this film to anyone."
Forrestgump1 gave it 5.0 Stars

The Bounty Hunter

"Terrible , Terrible and did i say Terrible?"
Forrestgump1 gave it 2.5 Stars

She's Out of My League

"A very Unique Surprise for me i was shocked at this movie .. i knew the ending was coming but the laughs come at you unexpected .. this movie kept me entertained from start to finish.."
Forrestgump1 gave it 4.5 Stars