"Machete Running a tired-less 105 mins that felt like it never ended. Danny Trejo is a very talented actor but even he can't save this movie , Robert Rodriquez has a good style and authenticity , but i felt the movie drabbed , lacked and was boring...."
Forrestgump1 gave it 2.5 Stars

Vampires Suck

"Vampires Suck is one of the better editions to the spoof franchise , that is hanging by a thread , and they need to stop making these films , but Vampires Suck was remotely funny , it should be everything you'd expect Dumb , Stupid and Widley Medoicre"
Forrestgump1 gave it 3.0 Stars

The Last Exorcism

"The Last Exorcism fails to deliver what it is supposed , a good old fashion horror film , i felt like i was watching the Blair Witch Project , but on some levels the film manages to thrill you but not much , The whole movie falls apart after the 1st half"
Forrestgump1 gave it 1.5 Stars

Piranha 3D

"Piranha for what it is , is a good movie & is an all out gory and extremely fun film , that makes us all never want to swim again , with the body count on high , and running a nice and smooth 90mins what better could you ..ask for? o wait its in 3D......."
Forrestgump1 gave it 3.5 Stars

Last Song DVD

"Miley Cyrus Puts in a good effort and has a good personality , but she can not take on a lead like this , this is your basic , weepy , melodramatic , love story , but the movie has a script, and good supporting work and i did feel emotion towards the end"
Forrestgump1 gave it 2.5 Stars

Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World

"Scott Pilgrim is an Amusing Satire , and Pays Great Homage to the classic "era" of video games. It also has a nice Original Flow to it , But it moves to fast , Your always one step ahead of Scott , and its beyond predictable , But hey at least its Funny"
Forrestgump1 gave it 3.0 Stars

The Expendables

"Sylvester Syallone leads in all-star cast in this one of a kind , thrill to the min extravaganza , That keeps the adrenalin i loved and enjoyed every second , The cast is perfect , the plot is predictable and the movie is implausible but really Who cares?"
Forrestgump1 gave it 4.5 Stars

The Other Guys

"The Other Guys is a rambunctious comedy that shows us the buddy-cop genre is not dead. I feel the talents here were wasted at times , Also that it did drag on , I did laugh here and there at this PG13 rated satire so i enjoyed the film in moderation...."
Forrestgump1 gave it 3.5 Stars

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

"This was actually overall a pretty decent flick , not great or anything , no where compares to its predecessor , but i did like Bette Midler as the villain , the 3D was unnecessary , and the movie was cornballlish and predictable so a mild recommendation"
Forrestgump1 gave it 3.0 Stars

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

"The Sorcerer's Apprentice i hate to say , Does not bring the magic & the chemistry between Baruchel and Cage just was not there, also plot development , but Apprentice was also fun , imaginative and dare i say it at times somewhat entertaining............"
Forrestgump1 gave it 3.0 Stars