Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

"This was actually overall a pretty decent flick , not great or anything , no where compares to its predecessor , but i did like Bette Midler as the villain , the 3D was unnecessary , and the movie was cornballlish and predictable so a mild recommendation"
Forrestgump1 gave it 3.0 Stars

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

"The Sorcerer's Apprentice i hate to say , Does not bring the magic & the chemistry between Baruchel and Cage just was not there, also plot development , but Apprentice was also fun , imaginative and dare i say it at times somewhat entertaining............"
Forrestgump1 gave it 3.0 Stars

Dinner for Schmucks

"Funny from start to a "very" long finish. Dinner For Schmucks was funny. Tho some of the humor was a bit to much to handle at times , and the long running time just seem like the movie went on. But Carrel and Rudd are great together and flat out funny ..."
Forrestgump1 gave it 4.0 Stars

Despicable Me

"Desp*cable Me is fun , pure - hearted goodness , but i feel cheated .. because the movie went to fast , i really loved those little Yellow Minions they made the movie what it was , but for the most parents and kids alike will have a ball @ this "3D" Film"
Forrestgump1 gave it 3.5 Stars


"Salt is a sophisticated mess , it tries to hard to be the next Bourne movie , its clichéd , unrealistic , and plausible. Angelina Jolie gives it her best but her best is just not good enough. I Enjoyed the last 20mins then the entire 1hr 40min movie ...."
Forrestgump1 gave it 2.0 Stars


"Inception is one of the most provocative films i have ever seen , DiCaprio gives a stunning performance , But at times this movie can be to complex to handle , and Drags at times & be confusing , but beside that this movie is a masterpiece"
Forrestgump1 gave it 4.0 Stars


"Its Decent , no where compares to the original , its fun , full of scares , somewhat keeps you on the edge of your seat. But the Screenplay is awful , there is no beginning , and the performances were OK , Predators may or may not satisfy predator fans"
Forrestgump1 gave it 3.0 Stars

The Last Airbender

"Last Airbender was such a rushed messed , it goes to quickly tho the action scenes were pretty neat , it could not save , these terrible performances , Awful script , and Laughable Dialogue ,One of the worst films released this year"
Forrestgump1 gave it 1.0 Stars

The Karate Kid

"I Was Ultimately Shocked by this Compelling remake , tho running 2 and a half hours , the violence is toned up for a PG movie , but this movie is one of the many feel-good movies of the year , and i enjoyed almost Every second"
Forrestgump1 gave it 4.5 Stars

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

"It was good not great , very optimistic , the ending felt rushed and unoriginal , the acting was for the most part ok , Eclipse surpasses New Moon , The action sequence at the end was pretty moderate to , all in all this movie is reasonably enjoyable"
Forrestgump1 gave it 3.0 Stars