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Hello again,
Yea its kinda nice to know that other people share a liking to some of the movies I have on my list, my favourites have got to be:
in that order.
I like Action and Adventure also, but they have to be recommended.
Are you going to put a list up at all?

As you may have seen on my page, you may have guessed that I like Dark Gothic art, the angels that you see were just my first attempts of putting pic's on my profile, I haven't been wanting to delete them because my whole layout will change, so it looks like they're there to stay lol.
Hope you had an awesome weekend.

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Tis was ok but if your a real doom gamer ud feel the dissapointment because even tho it did feature some of the things from the game doom its story like was different from what the games was. "dna choromsomes my arse" other then that yeah it was a good film i just wish it wasnt doom and it would be something else that would have made it good. my fave part is where Reaper grabs out the nuke and flips the top off and says "like the kid said... go to hell." and throws it in the bubble and BOOM! =)
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Nice to meet you
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Hey thanx for the add
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"Best BBQ In texas"

"Yay theres blood and gore in this one!"
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"Game over man! Game over!"
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"Good ol Vamps"
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"Ah man i shat myself..."

"Fave Film Ever!"
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"Bloody Fantastic"
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