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so what kinda movies u into?

what are your personal favs?
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I really like Under the Bed, Adams Eyes and Midnight Society. I think you should combine them into one story.:smile:. Like so.....

Zombies, werewolves, vampires and creatures are amongst the living. However, there is a code known as the Moonlight Oath that maintains the order amongst them. This code is honored and enforced by a secret group, the Midnight Society.
Just as the codes begin to be broken Ryan Adam, a young child starts having terrifying nightmares. Ryan escapes his vicious nightmares by hiding under his bed. His psychiatrist, Kevin Young, examines a collection of drawings the boy has drawn after his nightmares Young realizes that the kid’s dreams are foretelling future events. Future events of a war againest fiction and reality
Now, with the help of his friends,Ryan must team up with the Midnight Society to keep the world safe from destruction.

Email me at and tell me what ya think
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Chapter 1

I turned sharply down an ally way in Los Angeles, California. Someone was following me. I had seen them in the corner of my eye. But I just kept walking, thinking to myself the whole while. When will you ever start listening to your senses, Samantha Bennett. I closed my eyes and toke a deep breath. Not listening to my senses was the thing that got me here in the first place. I had against my mother’s orders snuck out of our Denver, Colorado home to go to a make-out party at a friends house. Needless to say there was alcohol and lots of kissing. As soon as I entered the room I had known that I shouldn’t have come. Still I stayed. My mother was furious when I had called her to pick me up. Not only for sneaking out but for also going to that type of party. I apologized as she rambled on about me always being a good student. Finally she decided that sending me to a boarding school called Jefferson in Los Angeles was a good idea. Although she was concerned about the location she forced me to back my bags. I ended up getting on the wrong plane and flying three miles away. I had been so freaked out that I did not except the ride from a lady at the airport, claiming she was just on her way back to Los Angeles. I had decided to walk there. I glanced around again anxious to find out who was behind me. I didn’t understand why I was so jumpy. Lately I had craved danger. That was ever since my brother had died. My brother Sean was a high school senior, who was just starting his life. An ache ripped through me as I thought of the last time I saw him. I had been irate with him. He had been acting strange. Something was different with him. When I had asked him what was wrong he refused to tell me. He had said it was personal and I shouldn’t worry about it. “Oh course I am worried Sean! Don’t you understand. I know something is wrong. These past couple weeks you just haven’t been yourself. I want to help you” I had said. He had just glared and walked away. The last thing he had said to me was keep your head up kid, you don’t know what’s coming. At the time I don’t think I had even noticed that he was practically saying good bye. That night when he didn’t come home, my mother called the police hoping they could find him or at least give us some hope that he was alive. I tear descended down my scorching check. I wiped it way gloomily as I continued walking, looking behind me ever few seconds. Three days later the police stopped searching for him. I was filled with grief even now, about his disappearance. I quickly turned on to a sidewalk it was twilight when I finally reached down town Los Angeles. For the first time since getting the registration paper , I opened it up to read the street address. 1962 Maple Avenue. I smirked as I realized the building was right down the block. Since I was out of the ally and near the school I decided that I didn’t need to look behind me anymore. There it was Jefferson Boarding School. I frowned as I entered the registration office. Even at six o’clock they were open. A old lady with square glasses and brown hair that was tightly rapped into a bun sat the desk taking a call. I waited as the lady talked. “How may I help you?” She said in discourteous voice after she had hung up. I blinked and began. “My name is Samantha Bennett and I am, well, new.” The lady looked through her files swiftly and recovered mine. “Well Miss. Bennett it appears we only have one room left.” she said as she stood from her seat. I stared at her thin lips. “Follow me.” She said in a harsh tone. We walked from the front office past dorm after dorm until finally we stopped at a door with the names Brianna and Melody on it. The old lady grinned as she picked up a white board marker and wrote Samantha. I forgot to breath as she opened the door. Inside stood two girls about my age. One had long blonde hair past her shoulders and the other the same but was brunette. The brunette smiled as we entered the room. “Girls, this is your new room mate, Samantha.” I frowned as the lady shut the door behind her. I hated being called Samantha. I preferred Sam. I set down my bags as the brunette greeted me. “Hi I’m Melody.” She said as energized as she could. I smiled and looked at the blonde, who quickly turned away towards a laptop computer. “Oh,” Melody said as I stared at the blonde. “That’s Brianna.” Brianna rolled her eyes as Melody asked about my classes. I toke another look at the list the lady had given me and set in on the table so Melody could see.

Jefferson Boarding School
Student Schedule
For: Bennett, Samantha J

Meet Title Room Teacher

01 Home Room 607 Mr. Davidson
02 Algebra II 710 Mrs. Bryce
03 English 703 Ms. Roberts
04 World Geography 607 Mr. Davidson
05 Physics 101 806 Ms. Trelawney
06 Drama Dep. 117 Ms. Holt

“What time is lunch?” I asked. For the first time since I had arrived Brianna smiled. “After third period.” she answered calmly. “Alright everyone, ten minutes!” shouted a lady from outside the door. “That’s our cue. We better get moving, before they lock the doors on us.” Melody said as she stood up from her spot. I followed Melody to a bathroom at the end of the corridor where about a hundred other girls were getting ready for bed. It looked like some one was having a slumber party. Girls were giggling, taking showers and taking off make up. I returned to the dorm to find Brianna leaning on the open door. “That’s your bed.” she said pointing towards a bed on the opposite side of the room. I nodded and started filing my clothes into the drawers that were on my side and empty. “What classes do you have?” I asked as I climbed onto my bed. Brianna glanced back at me as she played on her lap top. “ Everything you have, except different.” she muttered under her breath as she spoke. I sighed. As she looked away from me. She looked familiar like I had met her before in another life or a dream. I had never had that feeling before about anybody, not déjà vu, not me. “I am only in this dorm for awhile. Until another one opens.” she looked quickly away as I stared at her. Although she wore make up, she was as pale as a ghost. I glanced down at my arm. Even I wasn’t that pale and I was practically albino. I sighed. As Melody returned and turned off the lights. “Goodnight guys, pleasant dreams.” Melody declared as she climbed into her bed. I saw Brianna peek at me as I fell asleep. The last time I saw her she was at her computer. The next day was appalling. I was late to almost every single one of my classes, because no one was willing to help a new girl out. Brianna had moved out the dorm this morning leaving me and Melody sort of alone until we got a new room mate. Even through I saw Brianna, she ignored my yowls of remarks. She pretended that I didn’t exist. And in a way I understand. I had only been in this school for a day, but I felt like I knew Brianna a lot better then that. I just couldn’t figure out how. I had never met her. I was pretty precise on that. But some how I remember her face. That day at lunch I sat with Melody. I wasn’t that hungry but I decided that I should eat something. I had just happened to glance across the room when I noticed Brianna sitting with a strange group of kids. They all looked as pale as Brianna but they were probably a little older. I tapped Melody on the shoulder. “Who are they?” I said quietly nodding towards them. Melody shook her head and began. “That’s Brianna’s brother and sister. Everyday they sit at that table just talking.
“The girl with the short brunette hair is her older sister Ashlee and the boy is her older brother , err, Riku.” I jumped at the name. I remembered that name from somewhere. I suddenly thought of it “His name is Riku Connor.” I said under my breath. I had remembered.
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heyy how are you was woundering if you wanted 2 maybe try and write a film.
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Ok I would place this movie in Magical. Tell me what you think.

A teenage girl and her friends try to save the world from darkness. Fourteen-year-old Savannah Elaine Gallegher became a orphan at the age of nine when her parents died in a car crash. Savannah who was in the back seat only suffered some damage to the brain and a broken arm. Ever since then she has been moved from abusive foster home to abusive foster home. When Savannah moves in with the Matthews everything changes. She has a foster sister Amanda and a little golden retriever puppy named Miley.She starts making friends. Savannah starts having bad dreams about people dieing. And then starts seeing a ghost of a girl named Leila. Through out the rest of the series she finds out that she is a medium and her friends also have extreme powers. One day dark creatures like
( vampires, zombies, etc) attacked.
There is more to the movie. I just want you to get the general idea. Do you have any ideas for special effects? Any other ideas?What should I call it?
I always liked this idea. kudos
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i want to hear the next part


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