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@therealGoku That's the worst they could do with it. Like some Mean Girls 2 straight-to-DVD sequel, playing it safe with exactly the same plot and "new kids".

If they wanna make a good sequel there's only one way to go: forward. Keep the plot from the first one moving.
The should've gone with a more different look than Leonidas... this just makes him look like the poor mans Gerard Butler in a crappy sequel...
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Yes finally! Poster isn't impressive, but I can't wait for the trailer tomorrow!
Looks amazing, can't wait to see it!
F*ck humanity, and f*ck Hollywood.
@undeadslayer4 I prefer my movies in 2D, but if they INSIST on 3D then yeah, at least it looks better than converted 3D.
@bawnian-dexeus Exactly. And The Avengers a great conversion.

Still, like Landau says, it's never true 3D unless you shoot it in 3D.
Nice, Cameron's always pushing the limits. I can't even imagine the logistics of getting actors underwater in mocap suits.

@jasonkat A Blu-ray 3D will always look the same as it's theater 3D counterpart, regardless of whether it was shot in 3D or converted. You probably won't be able to tell the difference between real 3D and converted (unless it's a really bad conversion).

The best way to know for sure whether a specific movie was shot or converted is finding out online (Wikipedia usually says "shot in 3D" somewhere, or IMDb's spec page, or the official web). If you can't find anything that says "shot in 3D" then it was probably converted.
@mr-k Yeah, a couple of years ago when one of his short films went viral they asked him what his dream movie was. And even before he was officially attached to direct Evil Dead, Sam Raimi was going to let him direct his own sci-fi.
@bawnian-dexeus lol couldn't have said it better. Valkyrie was pretty good too, but I guess he's more of a hit-or-miss director.
@thedude1 haha I guess we are. For the record, I'm looking forward to watching Evil Dead again.

And I will say, I'd rather have Fede Alvarez direct a non-Evil Dead movie next. I have the feeling the guy is gonna be a great director and I wanna see what else he's got.

I know he said his absolute dream job would be directing a Half-Life movie (and if you've played Half-Life you might've even caught a little reference in Evil Dead).
@mr-k I haven't seen H&G (and never will), but in all fairness, it isn't hard to make a better movie than TC3D...
Ohhh Edward Furlong, just when we thought you couldn't hit any lower after your addiction problems you prove us wrong and star in a Uwe Boll film. And damn, does it look bad...
Can't wait for a trailer, this one of my most anticipated films of the year...
Slightly better than the CGI mess that was the Beast in First Class.

Honestly, after seeing Jack the Giant Slayer I completely lost faith in this. I couldn't believe that abortion was directed by the same talented man who once gave us The Usual Suspects and the first X-Men films. I hope you redeem yourself with this one Mr. Singer.
@thedude1 No disrespect to your opinion either, but Texas Chainsaw to me was a far-bellow-average, terribly directed, and even worse scripted film. It represents the ultimate cliche of bad horror movies and Hollywood unoriginality and greediness at it's highest peak. I saw it for free at a screening and would NEVER watch it again (nor any of it's obvious upcoming sequels).

Now, Evil Dead isn't a masterpiece or highly original, but it's a beautifully shot, well directed and well acted movie. It doesn't fall on every single horror cliche that these movies usually do (complete silence and then a loud cat popping out, stupid chicks running around naked, cheesy 3D). It sets out to shock in the most horrifying and unapologetic it can come up with (whether it succeeds or not depends on each viewer).

I enjoyed it give it an 8/10 (and this coming from someone who absolutely despises the horror genre).
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Can't tell the difference from the Fast Five poster...
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Very nice
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I'm there.
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Most anticipated comedy of the year.