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I was looking forward to the Avatar novels back when Cameron was planning to write them himself, but I'll still check these out.
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@SpaceCowboy It is. I saw it back in at least 2007. Didn't even remember it was Amber Heard.
Too bad they didn't shoot the prequels on film, digital looked like crap back then. Now it looks pretty indistinguishable from film so it doesn't make much of a difference for the audience.
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I thought they'd go for a relatively more unknown actor (like Cavill, or like Bale was back in 2006).

I can't really picture him as Batman yet, but he's an incredibly talented actor so I'm sure he'll do great.

Glad Bale didn't come back, the Nolan trilogy needed to stay separate.
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I'll pass on any Anderson film.
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You can't say that it's not unique. Thumbs up.
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I hope this gets a release nearby, really want to see it!
Kick-ass 2 was a total letdown. It's not one of the summer's worst, but probably the most disappointing. I hope it flops just so Mark Millar will learn to put some effort into future projects.

I'm really surprised Jobs did so bad, both critically and financially. It didn't have the tone a biopic that someone like Jobs deserved (something like The Social Network would've been more appropriate), but it's still a pretty good film. Much like an updated "Pirates of the Silicon Valley". I blame the marketing for trying to sell it like a comedy.
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@themoviefanatic I think it's really good, but it lacks the final touches that only an official poster can have. It's easier for a graphic designer to work from a picture of Angelina WITH all the makeup/costume (that the official design team would have access to) and add to it, than having to create the makeup/costume from scratch from a random picture of her. Chris did a great job for the resources he had.
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@themoviefanatic From what I've seen usually the people who "sign" their posters are amateurs who are just starting out or just fanboys who get too excited about showing off their work. Most of these types of projects at sites like Behance go unsigned because there's really no need to sign them since they're already on your site.

I'm a graphic designer too, I've made some "fan made" posters and they're not signed.

@Chris-Christodoulou You know you've done a nice job when you've fooled a bunch of people online :P Nice work!
@bryanyentz Great review, pretty spot-on for me. I loved the first one but this was just barely above mediocre (savable thanks to Moretz mostly).

Jim Carrey didn't do it for me. Too little screen time, and he just lacked what Nicolas Cage brought to the first one. No real villain (going from Mark Strong to MacLovin is quite a stepdown), and the action was shockingly forgettable (except for Hit-Girl's glass-stabbing bit).

I'd watch the first one again just to wash off the bad taste this one left :(
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@knightmare90 I think Spielberg wanted to adapt it from the manga when he was attached to direct, but Spike Lee went for a straight up remake.

This kinda thing is worth it only when the director goes back to the source, like Fincher did with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but from the trailer this looks like a shot-for-shot remake.
If someone read this and didn't know Mark was the lead in TF4, they'd think "well, at least he won't be in a Michael Bay Transformers movie"
Glad Elysium did alright. I was afraid Meet the Millers would be a threat.
@bryanyentz Good review man, I actually enjoyed the movie a lot (not as much as D9) but this gave me a good laugh.

Not defend the movie's logical inconsistencies, but why are there no med-pods on Earth? Maybe the folks on Elysium think Earth really has no fix and it's a better idea to let Earth die as opposed to helping them?

It's also never really clear if Elysium is politically separate from the US, or even the planet, and if so, why would they give handouts? China builds our phones, but that doesn't mean we give them free phones.

But it's probably just because Blomkamp wanted to make some sort of health care metaphor and couldn't come up with anything better. But again, in his defense, lots of countries and companies have medicine and treatments that they don't give away for free, why would Elysium give away free tanning beds? Maybe they're super expensive to build/maintain?

It's tough spot for a director when a first film is that good, people are easily let down if the second isn't good or is too different in theme.

Check out my review if you've got a minute, and tag me on your next one, I keep missing them!
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Replicant reviewed the movie Elysium

"Jodie Foster gets her bitch on."