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Replicant rated the news item: Best Man Down Trailer
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Awesome, I've alway been interested in what could have been after I saw concept art for the movie.

@therealGoku @Sean-Flynn Just take it as a doc*mentary on what could be an alternate universe in film history.
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Just my type of film. Plus, Scarlett Johansson.
This is gonna be great, Nick Stoller knows his comedy.
So halfway through the movie we'll learn he's actually Darth Vader?
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@Number1Wolverine First off, Pettyfer was terrible in I Am Number 4, he couldn't even pull off a convincing american accent, much less lead a movie. He's been alright in a few supporting roles like Timeless or Magic Mike (playing a douchebag must not be hard for him) but he's not ready for another leading role (if that's what he's auditioning for).

Also, he's pretty well known by know so comparing him to Ford or Hamill isn't really fair. There's a great number of completely unknown actors who would be better if thats what JJ is looking for.
The fact that he considers Resident Evil "a great series" makes me tremble in fear for what might happen to Uncharted.
If there was ever a good weekend to stay at home, it's this one.
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@mr-k Skrillex is awesome. He's definitely over-hated for no good reason.
@bryanyentz I saw the trailer for this in I can't remember what movie last week. It struck me as a completely unnecessary use of a theatrical release. I don't have anything against them and I know these kids have a huge fanbase, but it's not enough to warrant a widely released 3D theatrical movie. Couldn't they release it straight to Blu-ray/DVD?

Speaking of music movies, I'm looking forward to the Metallica IMAX movie, that looks like a pretty interesting concert movie thingy.
Oh please no, not Alexander Pettyface...
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@jasdjqs It's definitely one of the coolest Mustangs I've seen, I'll give it that.

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Haha that's actually a pretty awesome fan trailer
@brady1138 They're trying to bring up the box office for WWZ because if they do they can sell it for much more to cable networks.