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Mr.White reviewed the movie House Of 1000 Corpses

"The start of a cult director"
Mr.White reviewed the movie Halloween

Mr.White reviewed the movie The Devil's Rejects

Mr.White reviewed the movie Napoleon Dynamite

Mr.White reviewed the movie Shoot 'Em Up

"Action Classic"
~Joy   »  Mr.White

Hey there Mr. White, thanks for the request! Hope you had a fabulous weekend. Stay in touch!
TheEdge76   »  Mr.White
Ight! I'm in man!
Mr.White rated the movie Jingle All the Way
  • Mr.White gave it 5.0 stars

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Mr.White rated the movie The Invasion
  • Mr.White gave it 2.0 stars

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Lone Wolf   »  Mr.White
Yeah, the date for the dvd release has changed to april 15th.
Lone Wolf   »  Mr.White
Now check out my 1st video, I got I new one that shows one fight in a power plant, then shows most of the final battle. The video quality is muggy and the dubbed in music sucks but still, better than nothing.
Lone Wolf   »  Mr.White
If you want, check out my 1st video on my list, it shows the ending of the Predalien vs. Predator fight.
Lone Wolf   »  Mr.White
Oh trust me, it was so much better than the 1st. The reviews are 50/50, but if your fan, youn know the 2nd is better. Oh and it was a tie, the ending is cliffhanger.
Lone Wolf   »  Mr.White
Oh, you better believe I did, 3 times already, It was freaking awesome, it is my new favorite film. Comes out on dvd April 23rd! Did you see it?
Lone Wolf   »  Mr.White
Yeah, I know, I started it one night but got tired and turned it off, and just forgot about, I will eventually watch it.
Lone Wolf   »  Mr.White
Are you into "AVP" or any of the orignials?
Lone Wolf   »  Mr.White
Not much. Is your pic and display name from "Reservoir Dogs"? I've never seen the whole thing yet, just the famous "ear" scene.
Mr.White reviewed the movie Gandhi

Mr.White reviewed the movie The Passion of the Christ

"Not Great"
Mr.White wrote a comment about the movie Funny Games
This is a great film that i know every one is going to enjoy.