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The Dark Knight   »  Mr.White
whats up
The Dark Knight   »  Mr.White
whats gonnin on well thoses two girls are really getting at it lol
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Lone Wolf   »  Mr.White
Did you see the rated or unrated edition?
~Joy   »  Mr.White
Haven't seen 10,000 B.C. yet but I did see SHUTTER in theaters last Easter eve. Also NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, I AM LEGEND, & 30 DAYS OF NIGHT on DVDs...they were awesome!
Hope your day is filled w/laughs!

~Joy   »  Mr.White
Hey there, how's it goin'? So far I've watched "AWAKE", "AMERICAN GANGSTER", & "WE OWN THE NIGHT". Excellent movies! Maybe watch 10,000 B.C. tomorrow, let you know if I go see it and see how it went. Have a good day!
Brian   »  Mr.White
Thanks for the add White!
NO NAME   »  Mr.White
Thanks For Adding Me! Reservoir Dogs is one of my faves. Do you like all of Quentin's work?
~Joy   »  Mr.White
Hey Mr White, everythings well at my end. How bout' you? Any good movies lately? I was suppose to see Jumper Last Thursday but post poned due to a viewing and funeral the next day I had to attend. I did watch Good Luck Chuck, 3:10 to Yuma, and SAW IV on DVD last week...I enjoyed it! I will catch up w/you again. Hope all is well w/you.
Mr.White reviewed the movie Children of Men

"incredibly moving"
Mr.White reviewed the movie Pulp Fiction

Mr.White reviewed the movie Scarface

"#1 Gangster Film"
Mr.White reviewed the movie Bug

"Well done"
Zombie   »  Mr.White
Thanks for the add!
Mr.White reviewed the movie Crank

Mr.White reviewed the movie Lonely Hearts

Mr.White reviewed the movie Hitman

Mr.White reviewed the movie Jumper

"enough to entertain enough to disappoint "