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I wish I could climb into pictures.
That patrolman looks like Oliver Stone.
John Cusack as Nixon? Waahhh?
@bawnian-dexeus Joe College over here.
Not great
Fat_Jesus wrote a comment about the news item Rooney Mara Moves to Brooklyn
She's taking all these roles to shake the stink of Elm Street off her.
Give us the damn trailer.
So it's like Watchmen, with puppets replacing heroes? No way will this be a legit R-rated movie.
I just imagine their conversations being weird as sh*t. Not sure why.
So this is the dude that's supposed to play the young, Cagney-type role to keep things fresh in the wake of you-know-who's death?

It'll be hard for me to adjust.
Lumet and Lemmon? F*ck that would've been awesome.
I can't help but feel this movie is just gonna be painfully average. And all the Whedon boners will go flaccid.
Fat_Jesus wrote a comment about the news item Justin Bieber Eyes Fear Remake
Well, he could play the Alyssa Milano character.
This character/performance already annoys me.
Is the tribute parade also a kinky rave?
Fat_Jesus wrote a comment about the news item Idris Elba Confirms His Return in Thor 2
He would've been perfect for Tarantino. F*CK.

But so pumped for a big blockbustery Guillermo del Toro monster movie starring this dude.
Please tell me there will be a Chris Pontius cameo.
I wonder what Lincoln's thinkin'.
Fat_Jesus wrote a comment about the news item Amanda Seyfried Gets Nude for Lovelace
All I got from this is "blah, blah, blah, titti*s."
That's one well-preserved zombie.


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