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Films can be popular it doesn't necessarily mean they are good by virtue of being popular, Titanic is as a prime example and lets not even start on those Twilight films. Films can also be unpopular and still be amazing, look at Fight Club. On release Fight Club bombed so badly it cost a top exec his job, yet it is now considered one of the best films of all time.

I may be wrong on this score I fully accept that, but to me I just keep getting the feeling everybody got overtaken by the hype and the events leading up to the release. Are you going to sit back in ten years time, watch this film and go it's amazing? Or by that time are you going be caught up in the next round of hype/waffle.

"They broke a good film"
Fallenlords wrote a comment about the movie The Dark Knight
I only tend to over-analyse a film when everybody is saying how great it was and I can't see what they are seeing. I thought this film lacked humour, I mean how serious are we suppose to take a hero dressed like a bat and a villain who look like a clown? Humour was present in the first film to a greater degree, which to me made it a better film. Likewise in the first Iron Man, once these films start to take themselves too seriously they tend to miss the mark.

Joker having no motivation to do what he was doing made no sense at all, there had to be some motivation. Or the only other explanation was Joker is just insane.
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The only word I can think of that describes this film is 'pleasant'. Nothing wrong with the film in itself, but doesn't push any boundaries or break new ground at all. In fact being a pre-quel it feels like a step backwards.
Fallenlords wrote a comment about the movie X-Men: First Class
I thought I was going mad again for a moment, reading a few reviews with 5.0 I saw 'The Dark Knight' all over again. But then I hit the official review that rated it 2.0 and thought there is some sense in the world.
Fallenlords wrote a comment about the movie The Dark Knight
This isn't a masterpiece or an epic film. There is nothing new or interesting about either the directing, acting or the film as a whole. If anything it's a mediocre action flick based on an already popular character (with a devout following).

For a masterpiece/epic look to films like 'Lawrence of Arabia' - stunning visuals, moving score, amazing lead performance and a visionary director. That's a film that influenced the likes of Lucas, Spielberg and Scorsese.

In terms of history the only thing The Dark Knight has going for it, is being the most over-hyped film in the history of cinema.
It's a film that doesn't make a great deal of sense. An interest concept but poorly executed so it turns into a jumble of nonsense.
There appears to be some controversy on the treatment of the Elephant. An animal rights group have released a video in which they state this animal is being mistreated as part of a training regime. The studio deny any mistreatment and say they had somebody from the American Humane Association throughout the filming.
Well as I recall (saw it a while back) the character played by Guy Pearce who you see right at the end has a shotgun and an ammo bandolier. All I am saying is considering the world has degenerated and you are faced with things like cannibals a pistol and a few bullets ain't going to cut it. Surely you would tool up and make it a priority to get a whole array of weapons. Think Mad Max 3 when he hands over his weapons in Bartertown. It's not like there wouldn't be a shortage of guns in the USA.
The film shows a fight for survival but I would argue that the father was poorly prepared to protect either himself or his son. In a situation like this wouldn't your gear up and go out of your way to get an arsenal of weapons together? One gun and a few bullets (which appear to be reserved for suicide) hardly seems to me like this guy is thinking straight or doing his job.
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If you think this movie is perfection I can only assume you haven't seen that many films.
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Fallenlords wrote a comment about the movie The Dark Knight
Like I say hype - the death of Ledger was utilised as publicity for the film, it was spun something rotten. If Ledger had still been alive then people would of made natural comparisons with his portrayal. But as we never like to speak 'ill of the dead' what were the critics going to say? It's like standing up at a funeral and saying this bloke was no good which is something that just isn't done. Ledgers death was quite 'convenient' for the film all things considered, film was finished and in the editing stages when the death happened. That has to influence the final edit and I am not even sure we are even seeing the film that was originally imagined. While certain people had their heart in the right place, Depp and Co for example donating money to Ledgers daughter Matilda, I just saw the rest profiting from Ledgers death.

What amazes me is that the majority of people fall for all the hype, but then it seems to work time and time again. It even works with me to an extent, but then a film has to deliver on it's promise. So far the majority of films that are over-hyped never deliver - this is one of those films.
Fallenlords wrote a comment about the movie The Dark Knight
Most over-hyped movie in the history of movies.
Fallenlords wrote a comment about the movie The Dark Knight
We seem to be reading a lot into something, that wasn't shown on-screen. Let's face it this is an 'action' film, when I watch an action film I tend to consider thinking as a secondary requirement. For me Hellboy II was the film of the year, in terms of action films. Because it included a villain who had their motives explained. The hero combined humor with action, lets be honest how seriously are we suppose to take these films. Some of the visuals of del Torro are simply spectacular, he is a true visionary. To me a film is like a cake, you need to add the right amount of ingredients to make the perfect cake/film. I think in the case of The Dark Knight we have some ingredients missing or not there in the right proportions... Oh I feel quite hungry now ... Iron Man even had the right ingredients in the right proportions, in fact it surprised me ... The Dark Knight was too serious for the type of film it is, which wasn't helped by the fact The Joker was anything but funny..

Now I can see the appeal of The Dark Knight to the Emo/Goth/Vampire loving generation...perhaps that is where it's aimed. But action films as a whole tend to cross boundaries, any good action film can appeal to anybody that likes action. I don't think The Dark Knight did, in fact I know it didn't. Yet at the same time other films do appeal, because they add something that was missing .. a bit of fun, the odd laugh, the try not to take themselves too seriously. You know let's face it the only humorous thing in The Dark Knight was Christian Bales Batman voice ... but I don't think that was suppose to be funny.
Fallenlords wrote a comment about the movie The Dark Knight
But the lack of explanation is to me what lets it down with regards to The Joker. Hannibal Lecter when he is introduced, is already incarcerated in a max security mental institution/prison. We have enough tidbits of information fed to us throughout the film that slowly expands and builds the character. He is more than a psycho that eats human flesh, he is a complex and highly intelligent individual who is a master of manipulation. The violence is always there bubbling under the surface, the psychotic nature is always there... but it is masked by a man of learning which makes his psychotic nature even more concerning. All the way through the series of films the character is slowly projected, almost in a way becoming a sort of anti-hero. We didn't need to know his complete background, we just needed to know enough. In the scheme of things his actual background comes after the main story has been told.

That to my mind is what we needed with The Joker, just some insight. Now perhaps people who already know the history already have that insight, which might be why this Joker appeals. Perhaps it is a closer reflection of graphic novels and a darker type of Joker that has been portrayed before. But for those that don't, we are not given any help in understanding apart from he seems unhinged. It isn't hard to cause mayhem, look at Michael Douglas in Falling Down .. take a typical day and a man just snaps, leaves a trail of collateral damage.

Like I say the lack of any insight about the character makes him shallow, at least to me. I can't understand a character if I am kept in the dark, I can only make assumptions ... the assumptions I made right or wrong was he is a depressed clown..
Fallenlords wrote a comment about the movie The Dark Knight
I am not a fanboi of Batman by any stretch of the imagination, he is a vigilante in a suit to me. As vigilantes in suits go, give me Ironman's suit any day of the week .. that boy can fly ...

I am not so sure we see what you a reading into this film at all, bending people to his will..He stages a robbery, fair enough it was quite clever to tell people to kill the other person once they had done their job..But again it was pretty pointless. Why did he do that? Because he is a dog chasing cars ... well obviously not, he put some thought into it he planned it and he executed the plan. That required somebody to be calculating, you don't just run along a street assemble the people you need to rob a bank and away you go. So doing it 'just because' doesn't cut the mustard... If he had walked into the bank guns blazing, fair enough, he did it on a whim he was a dog chasing a car... But that was obviously not the case with a lot of what he did, like the bomb inside the bloke..He planned and executed his plans.. That isn't Chaos to my mind

I agree if you are a fan of Batman/Joker etc, you can read more into a film than people who are not fans. Being a Conan fan myself, I thought Conan the Barbarian was a superb adaptation of the books of Robert E Howard. Lot of people didn't think Arnold couldn't act, etc etc. That didn't change my opinion. It depends where your point of reference comes with regards to the film you are watching. If you are not a Conan fan I can see how you might think the film sucked big time..

I never liked Batman, never bought the comics.. preferred Fantastic 4, Hulk, Thor, 2000AD - Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper.. to be honest from seeing the TV series (Adam West) and the Boy Wonder thing .. always thought Batman was a bit 'gay'. To me Batman Begins was the better film, it told the story of how he becomes Batman. That is fair enough, but in the second film you introduce a villain that to most people is Cesar Romero's or Jack Nicholson's take on that character. By all means do it different, make it dark, moody, depressive...but it just look like they took the previous incarnations and just did the complete opposite .. for no other reason than to be different. Now perhaps if they had explained his background, possible motivations would of made more sense. For those of us that don't follow Batman, I have no idea what The Joker is supposed to be like.. apart from what I have already seen before.. Lets also not forget Batman like all comic book characters has gone through transition over the years as well, it may be dark and depressive now to reflect the times, 20 years ago it was a different thing altogether.