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Absolutely loved this movie. :)
@comicbookfan agreed. it just wouldn't be the same without john williams composing.
That would definitely be really interesting to see. Destroy All Monsters is one of my fave Godzilla films and from what I've been able to see of the new Godzilla, I'd love to see their take on it.
But could we have a trailer for Godzilla before we start talking sequels?
Why go through a $6 million 3D conversion if your not sure what you're gonna do with it afterwards? I would imagine they'll do a theatrical re-release, but it just seems odd he "isn't sure what he plans on doing with the 3D film once it is finished."
If this goes over well, it'd be nice to see other older films getting 3D conversions/re-releases. I can definitely think of a handful of older films that I think would be great to see in 3D.
One of the best sci-fi movies I've ever seen. Absolutely loved it. :D
It's a fanmade poster off deviantART: ioinme(dot)deviantart(dot)com/art/Jurassic-Park-IV-382958052
Doesn't take a rocket scientist to doubt the authenticity of this. They keep saying it's not a reboot and this kind of has a reboot feel to it.
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How is Pacific Rim "tracking poorly" and looking to be out performed by Grown Ups 2? Everyone I know is psyched for Pacific Rim and no one I know cares about Grown Ups 2.
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this series would have been better if it didn't retcon itself every movie. And honestly I think the biggest mistake was making Alice some superhuman with super powers in the 2nd movie.
I liked the first film, but every film after felt like a different unrelated movie.
The placement of the writing is just off. And it's too much like the hunger games. would have been better if it was more original. it really doesn't fit the feel of the movie.
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It will never not bother me that they changed the color of his flower from pink to yellow.
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@artkid04 christian bale is a little old for the role.
@undeadslayer4 oh yes, I wasn't implying it was bad at all (in fact it's my absolute favorite movie) :)
@newtron it's not a terribly morbid point, he is what 81? And though I'm sure he's in okay health life is very unpredictable.
It would be interesting to hear someone elses take on a Star Wars soundtrack, but that would be a gamble, in my opinion. I wasn't too impressed with Kevin Kiner's Clone Wars (movie) score.
And we may actually get other composers since they want to throw out a new Star Wars film every year or something like that, and John Williams so far as I know has only stated interest in Episode VII. So there may be more composers coming into the fray.
If they made a cloverfield sequel, I'd hope they would just do traditional movie and not found footage style. The shakiness of the camera in the first was unrealistic and forced at times. And I wouldn't mind learning more about the monster since it was stated the one in the first wasn't even an adult.
absolutely love the book, can't wait to see the series. :)
@corey don't forget The Dark Artificeswhich they'll most likely end up doing also which would bring it to 12 (for now since there's no way to say she'll stick to just the three currently planned for that). though hopefully they'll wait until after they finish The Mortal Instruments for that one.
@moviegeek since people loved this its safe to say they'll probably go see a sequel and right now I'm pretty sure all Dreamworks cares about is making money after the flop of Rise of the Guardians (which I still say only happened because they stupidly decided to open it the weekend after Breaking Dawn). I'm pretty sure they've had chances before but they never seem to take it. Instead they push out sequels, some good and some bad.
@corey I agree. I'm surprised they're starting on this so soon. (though I haven't yet read them... kinda wanted to read TMI first, or as much as I could of it before starting that)
@corey It's also known as the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy (which is I think the original name of the trilogy): Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World's End. Each film has a different flavored cornetto in it relating to the movie: strawberry in Shaun of the Dead (blood and gore) and the blue original in Hot Fuzz (blue because of the police element). And World's End is supposedly going to be the green mint chocolate chip flavor.

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