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Learn how to spell "you're" dork. This has nothing to do with anyone's "opinion". Read it again.
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@slysnide you make absolutely NO SENSE. You're talking about MW "editing" stories? Give me a break. They post. It stays. Prove me wrong, I dare you....oh wait, you can't because you're bashing MW for no reason. You're panties are obviously in a bunch. You don't like it. F*cking leave, son. No one needs you.
Oh god, I definitely don't care what @insertusernamehere thinks.
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Nah, I don't think so. I think @brian was just asking why people love to hate Avatar. And I agree, it's like a pastime these days for kids with computers.
So, I've read through the comments. I've seen the hate. I've seen the love.

I gotta say, out of all of you, I think I side with @brian. People need to chill out. It's only a movie!
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Sup, Elm? Thanks for the add :)
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Nice review. I think your quote says it all.
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@julianleft don't be a drama queen. There have been only ever. 2 people in mind to direct. Not like you say, someone new every day.
@dadarkknight you're obviously a moron.
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Yeah man!
What douchebag! This Ed Douglas hack gets the royal treatment, so to speak, from the studio and still can't find anything nice to say about the film? What a f*cking *sshole. Just shows you how much money Hollywood throws away on these no respect loser internet nerds who have been watching and complaining about movies for waaaaaaay too long. Time to go get a real job losers.

Way to go Disney, you retards. In a time where people are begging for job, you blow your money on some *sshole who turns around and stabs you in the back. Ha! He'll probably do it again next time as well! Morons!
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yeah Vamp! WTF!? Elm St. remake 4 stars and you don't like Lost Boys 3? F-off!
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