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Who else is sick and tired of seeing betanny play the same roles where he's possessed or some zealous religous freak? Seriously now.
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so im just reading this now because I just found this site like a week ago. great review. i never saw it in imax or anything but just on bluray. it was a great film. if Cameron can be trusted for anything, it's for a well made and well crafted film. excellent attention to... everything. that's why i admire him and recently started to admire speilberg. although i have to say that speilberg's characters seem a little less shallow than Cameron's. I just saw jaws today so im comparing the two. and i have to say that the love theme was invetiable with something like this and it did hinder my experience a little. Still Cameron's work behind the camera kept me completely engrossed. i can say now what you couldnt say 6 months ago: im glad he didnt win for best picture, rather just glad he was nominated. if i ever had the chance to meet one of today's TALENTED directors, it would be him. im waiting for the perfect second time to watch it.
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"It's Fitting He Didn't Say The famous Line In The Film"
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"This G.I. Blows"
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"No Need For Your Seatbelt"
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I agree with avatarsequal. Geekstar, Harry potter has such a huge fanbase because it's been in the public eye for so long. The world that J.K. Rowling and the artists at WB created is something that I'm sure any potter fan would tell you they would love to experience firsthand. This is their chance. I'm not an obsessive potter fan myself, but given the opportunity, I just may have to make a stop down there myself.
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