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@superman81 Do you think you, of all people, should be referencing RT? Last summer, you and others basically called the critics all types of names over the 56% rating for MOS. I'm too busy to see this film anytime soon, so I can't comment on its quality. I'm not trying to defend it either; you don't like it and find it horrible, and that's fine. Still, you bringing up its RT score rings false; saying one film (ASM2) got what it deserved from critics while the other (MOS) didn't just reeks of bias. After over 200 reviews for both films, it's safe to say they both got what the critics felt was deserved. Saying otherwise, that the critics just didn't understand the one film but were right on the money in the other, or that no one pays attention to critics when MOS was critiqued only to invoke them for ASM2 is blatant favoritism and hypocrisy.
@felipe-11 Well, that's a subjective opinion up for debate. I know many people that disliked MOS.
I love how short memories are for people. Last year, everyone was railing against critics for MOS's 56% RT score. Now, a year later, ASM2 takes the same nose dive with critics, and no one (here or elsewhere, so don't think this is just about MWers) talks about critics or defends ASM2. I'm not saying the film is defensible, but c'mon people; consistency is in order.
Mole Man...huh.
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This is a step-up.
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Mole Man...huh.
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@doublea07 Really? Replace those two, but keep Sharknado? Really?
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@superman81 I think @john-m and @brady1138 pretty much summed up me response fairly well. You can't always rely on big name guys. Hell, your own tag name sake has never had a "big" name player star in the role. Reeve, Welling, Cain, and Cavill? None were big stars before getting the cape. You could say the same for virtually every Bond. They were talented actors all, but not big name tickets until after establishing themselves in these roles. You have to give people chances, and like I said, Isaac looks like a supreme talent in the making.
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@superman81 I'm going to disagree. Von Sydow is a multipe Academy Award nominated actor, and Isaac had one of the most lauded performances last year for Inside Llewyn Davis. That's big time talent right there that i think you're sleeping on...
I'm not against it in the future, but Morales has not been in enough high profile stories yet to warrant this, nor is the character popular enough at this juncture. It's nice lip service, and politically correct, but since the high profile change in Ultimate Spider-Man to Morales, there hasn't been much in the way of publicity. Perhaps in five years (when ASM4 is released, give or take a year), Morales will have gained enough traction with the non-comic book reading public, allowing a passing of the torch for ASM5. Unless and until Marvel makes the concerted effort to publicize him much more in order to make him a prime player, Morales shouldn't be the focal point of a film series. The groundwork would need to start now.
Lets have some perspective here. At least two of those films, 100 Bullets and Fables, have little or nothing to do with DC properties. While Sandman is tangential to DCU, it really is stand alone (not to mention it would be better off as an HBO series).In short, these properties don't add much if anything to the DCU film series.

To branch out the film series, WB/DC should 1) use projects mentioned above such as WW and Shazam, 2) resurrect GL (reboot style), and 3) add Flash, Swamp Thing, and The New Gods.
Must be Lorna Dane, then...
Almost a clean sweep for Cap, but the power of Upton's cleavage won out (seriously, is there any other reason to see that film?).
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Step One: Kill off favored character in comic book, and make loads of money off people that need to read how he dies.

Step Two: Bring him back in 6-18 months, making more money from people that are happy to have favored character back.

Regardless of whether it's Marvel or DC, this plan of action never seems to fail...
@Claire-Romney If you were smart, you'd realize FOX wasn't a "he."
I don't see why Marvel or DC should decide to move yet, since we haven't even reached May 2014, and many thing can happen in two years. Still, if either were to move, it will be interesting to see where they move. To May 13th, attempting to undercut the other's long term box office? To early April, reigning supreme for a full month, and then shrugging of the other film when it takes the top spot in May by saying, "Hey, of course that film is #1. Everyone has already seen our film?" Perhaps July 4th Weekend? Interesting to see...
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Another origin story...great. And Annihilus wouldn't join with Doom. In fact, they're enemies.
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Thanks for the warning...
@Phillip-Patricia-Groom Cap 2 has a 97% approval rating from the MW community members that rated the film based on the 5 star system. If you bothered to rate the film, the score would change accordingly. Since you would give it an 80/100, that would mean you would give Cap 2 4 out of 5 stars. Because reducing 80/100 to its lowest terms is 4/5. By giving Cap 2 a 4/5, you would lower the 97% somewhat. And that's how this site works. It's not hard to figure out, at least for some of us...