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Good for those involved, and those that liked the film.
MW, like every other site based in the US, only reports the BO intake in US theaters, you morons...
@shuabert Be serious for a minute. Evans isn't going anywhere anytime soon. He didn't have a great career going before landing Cap, and he certainly isn't going to turn down the next contract for Cap 4 and 5, whenever that scenario arises. I know some people don't like when I bring up the money (and perhaps you're one of them), but it is THE factor. Take a look at RDJ. He hints at retiring from being Stark after IM3 is released. I said it was a negotiating tactic, and some people disagreed. A few weeks ago, this site et al reported RDJ was "willing" to come back for an IM4. Again, negotiating tactic. He's looking for the big score. There's no faulting him for that; get what you can when you can get it.

Now apply it to Evans. He was never the best actor, nor the most bankable. Being Cap has made him a really big name, and the reception of Cap 2 has made Cap 3 a highly anticipated film, so much so that Marvel refused to blink when DC planted BvS on the same day (since then, DC has withdrawn their film). Ignoring the DC aspect, it is clear that Marvel believes (correctly) that the people believe in Evans and his portrayal of Cap. This means that Marvel will likely want to keep Evans in the role for a while, and will throw piles of money at him. Assuming he or his agent is not an idiot, Evans will accept Marvel's piles of cash. Anything he says to cast doubt on that is pure negotiation, and should be treated as so until the news headline says "Cap 4, starring someone other than Chris Evans."

So with all that said, no, he won't be leaving, and people shouldn't be trying to figure out when/if he should walk out the door. Additionally, as I said before, there are more Rogers tales that should be told. Von Strucker has just appeared, Zemo has yet to appear, and Red Skull is an issue that is still up in the air. Marvel will pay Evans to play, and he will.
It's so amusing to see @brian be told to go away from the site he runs. As for the story, if you're like Brian and dislike the films, be like Brian and don't spend your money on them, otherwise you're doing nothing to stem the tide. If you like them, then by all means rejoice in the news...
@shuabert I'm laughing at the suggestion that this may/could/should be done so early. One, Bucky only has so many Cap stories, and two, We don't know how long or successful Wilson as Cap will be. Just because Marvel is tempting fate with these changes in the books doesn't mean that those same changes should come any time soon on film.
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In the long run, it won't matter. DC and Marvel films will continue to make big bank, and and only the fanbitches will drive the nonsense about who would crush who...
People just love to speculate on stupid things. Let's take a look at the facts:

Steve Rogers: Captain America 1941-2007, 2011-2014
Bucky Barnes: Captain America 2007-11
Sam Wilson: Captain America 2014-?

So speculation is that Marvel's going to switch out the guy that has 70 years of Cap stories for one of two guys that combined have about a tenth of that. Yeah, genius thinking there speculators.
Seems like Sony is just throwing sh*t against the wall to see what sticks. Sadly, no matter what sticks, it will still smell...
When Thanos arrives on Earth, the Avengers and Guardians will have to work together to stop him.
He did a damn fine job. Kudos, Dave. You just forced many people to eat a big plate of crow...
After seeing Batista absolutely nail his role as Drax in Guardians Of The Galaxy, I will never underestimate a wrestler's acting ability again. If Sheamus gets the role, I will assume it is because he earned it...
@richgamer150 Aww...did I upset you? Perhaps you should pay attention to the story before aimlessly commenting. Have a great night, and thanks for the amusement :)
@richgamer150 Correct. But the poster is for the Australian theaters. Were you not paying attention to that fact?
This is not a big deal. It was for Australia, not the US. If people are going to associate a poster of four ninja turtles with a building exploding in the background with an actual tragedy, that is on that person. Stay home if you can't separate fantasy from reality...
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He made life horrible for Reynolds and Biel during filming. I'm not sure Marvel should give him another chance.
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I would love to see this done as faithfully as possible.
Notice that they didn't actually give ASM3 a set date, only a year. Why? Likely because they have no idea where they are taking the story after Sinister Six, and want to stay flexible.
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Really? You mean he'd come back if offered the right amount of money? So his earlier statements were basically just a negotiating tactic? Wow, I wonder if anyone saw that coming? Wait a second, I did. I saw that coming.
Same powers as Superman? Clearly, he's playing Bizarro :P
Love this.