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Eva Green. Little clothing. That's a winning combination...
@TheNarrator I am glad to see you my friend, but I must correct one thing. For the past two years or so, Carol Danvers has been Captain Marvel. Miss Marvel is now a Muslim girl. Both books are getting positive reviews, which just begs the question, "why go through with this Thor nonsense?"
I can't help but think that they're just saying things just to piss people off...
This is so lame. When you combine this with the fact that Marvel featured Sif in Journey Into Mystery in 2013, and could not get anyone to buy, just shows that they cannot, or are not attempting to branch out. Instead of trying to cultivate a new character or build up a preexisting female lead, they are going to risk losing big money on one of their top sellers. Marvel is clearly hoping the sales here are similar to the last big stunt character change, Superior Spider-Man. Will this be as successful as SSM? More so? Less so? I guess we'll find out starting in October, but I have a feeling by October of 2015, the status quo will change once more...
@Agent-Cooper I'm not questioning your comment, dumbass, so I don't have to pay attention to whatever lousy point you're trying to make. However, since it's my quote that you're taking issue with, you should, and still haven't, tried to address my full quote. But nice try at deflecting from the fact that you 1) didn't address the Sinister Six aspect of my comment, most likely because 2) you have no intelligent answer to that part of my comment. Thanks for being somewhat amusing...
@writer220 "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes looks and is geared toward intelligent people."

Winning statement, that is...
Mr. Parker alive? Wow, that would have been a trainwreck of Battlefield Earth proportions.
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Kind of think a Black Widow film would come before a Sif film, considering how much more involved that character is, and that Scarlett is a bigger star than Jaime. But I guess we'll see. Well, I won't. There's nothing that could make me watch the view.
@Agent-Cooper Actually, if you want, I can try to be really condescending in one or two words, lol.

I don't care about whatever your point you're trying to make. I made my comment because I saw something off with the series. And for the record, if you bothered to read the quote in full, it's not just that Gwen's death occurred in the second film, it's that they didn't use Miles Warren, who would have been a welcome addition. I've also noticed you only focused on the one aspect of my comment. No mention of my comments about the Sinister Six? Yeah, see, when everything is used, the context of my quote is legit; I feel that the producers are rushing through the series without thinking everything through. They either have missed great opportunities (Miles, aka The Jackal, and his obsession with Gwen), or they throw completely rushed ideas out there (Sinister Six before six villains are actually used? A Venom film before Spider-Man wears the black costume?). But yeah, continue focusing on the one aspect of my comment instead of the overall point. It amuses me greatly...
@Agent-Cooper Settle down, child. I only talked about how I thought it was ridiculous to have a Sinister Six film when they have yet to use six villains, and as far as the Gwen situation, my commented was on the series in general. I don't have to see the second film to talk about the future of the series or that they should have held off of killing Gwen.
@therealGoku Yeah, but I assume he had a fight with Spider-Man, which will be used as a reason for a grudge. Either way, though, it seems empty to me. I know Gwen died, and I know she shouldn't have (it should have been in the third film; they didn't even use Miles Warren, who would have been interesting, to say the least. Now there is no real point, as his obsession is gone).
I didn't see ASM2 because it didn't really look interesting. As far as I know, there have only been four villains used (Lizard, Goblin, Rhino, Electro), so why would they even consider a Sinister Six film at this time? Sony has not done this series any justice with these first two films. Can't wait for the reboot in ten years. Maybe with an age appropriate cast that can grow into the roles.
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So getting this franchise off the ground is more important than finishing Hellboy? Priorities seem skewed here...
Let's see if they do something except bitch about it...
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@richgamer150 I can't read your gibberish, man.
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@cvntstop Yes, The Departed. As for the rest, I think we'll have to agree to disagree on this. I think they can find Asian/Asian American Actors, and place the film in Japan, and you do not. That is fine, but I guess we'll see how the finished product turns out.

@richgamer150 "dey shud?" Come back when you learn how to use real words...
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@cvntstop Infernal Affairs became Death Note, just as Yojimbo became Fistful of Dollars, but that is different. Those were one shot films. Death Note is a long running serial, one that would likely be franchised. If you change the names, location, and the title of the film, you don't have the same property. Hollywood can call it the Bourne Legacy, or Bourne whatever, but it will be rejected by the masses if it doesn't have Jason Bourne. It's the same thing in this situation. Without the Yagami family, the fans won't really be getting Death Note, just a bastardized version.

Also, there doesn't need to be subtitles. I'm almost positive that they could find Asian American actors and actresses if they looked. I mean, The Wolverine had Tao Okamoto, RIla Fukushima, Will Yun Lee, and Brian Lee. They can't be the only Asian actors around. Hollywood needs to stop feeding the masses BS like they did in Airbender, and give Asian parts to Asian actors. They don't have to always alter the story to include generically named characters so the roles can be filled by known, largely white, entities.
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@Brizzy It's squashed.

I don't want anyone reading my comment below to think that I wouldn't want a Death Note film. I do. I also want a Bleach film (I wrote a good size post on MW when WB bought the Bleach rights years ago on how they should make the film series; I'm still waiting for them to call me to say "thanks"). But Hollywood needs to cultivate Asian actors to make a Death Note, Bleach, or a Naruto believable. When Airbender completely bombed, many people felt the film's almost completely white casting was an issue (EX: Look at Nicola Peltz in Age Of Extinction. Look at Kitara from Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon. Realize that Peltz played Kitara. Try not to let out a WTF). Asian names present a unique issue for Hollywood. Whereas "Johnny Storm" is fairly generic, "Sasuke Uchiha" is not. Furthermore, changing names of the characters would weaken its connection to the source story, possibly to the point of it not really being an adaptation of the material. Who wants to see Light Yagami as the featured player? I'm of the opinion that most do. What if they change his name to Light Johnson, or Light Smith? I think that's cheap, and disrespectful of the character. Will they also change the lead in Bleach to Mark Thompson? How ridiculous and horrible would that be? Very horrible, in my opinion.

If Hollywood wants to extend into the anime market, it can do so without looking at inherently Japanese tales. Fullmetal Alchemist, Attack On Titan, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Hellsing, and many more excellent stories do not take place in Japan, nor feature Japanese leads (Edward Elric, Ehren Yeager, Spike Spiegel are not Japanese. Edward and Ehren are likely Germanic, and Spiegel...well, I honestly am not sure about that, but I'm fairly certain it isn't Asian). Hollywood has options, good options (AOT is a potential blockbuster waiting to happen, and if done right, a story like FMA could be as fantastic as LOTR, and no, I am not joking). But the studios have to be careful when planning these things out. Learn from past mistakes of others (Airbender, Dragonball: Evolution), and making smart and logical decisions about casting to add to the credibility of the tale.
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@Brizzy No dumbass, I have a problem with a character that lives in Japan with the last Yagami, who becomes acquaintances with a shinigami (that's a Japanese Death God, simpleton), has been named "Kira" by the media (because in Japan, "Kira" is "Killer." See, they used the Japanese word because, well, Japan).

See dipsh*t, this isn't a situation like the FF with Jordan, not mention your ridiculous Smaug notion. Death Note is, like Bleach (which is why WB has sat on those rights for about five years without doing anything with them) an inherently Japanese story.

But on the other hand, you're right. Let's have a white or black actor play Light Yagami. And don't forget to have Soichiro Yagami played by a white or black actor. Because Soichiro is such a common name for white people; us Irish folk name our children "Soichiro" almost as much as we name them "Patrick" (although, I'm not sure if the Japanese name their children "Patrick"). Also, I can't wait for the Bleach movie. I can't wait to find out if Danielle Radcliffe, Logan Lerman or Josh Hutcherson get to play "Ichigo Kurosawki." I mean c'mon, when you hear the name Ichigo Kurosawki, you instinctively think "white guy."A white guy that lives in LA. That becomes a Japanese Death God. Makes total sense.

Thanks for playing. You've been a great amusement to me...
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Read many parts of the manga, watched the anime. With that said, if DN is switched to Los Angeles so Light and L can be played by white actors, I'd rather they not make this film.