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People just love to speculate on stupid things. Let's take a look at the facts:

Steve Rogers: Captain America 1941-2007, 2011-2014
Bucky Barnes: Captain America 2007-11
Sam Wilson: Captain America 2014-?

So speculation is that Marvel's going to switch out the guy that has 70 years of Cap stories for one of two guys that combined have about a tenth of that. Yeah, genius thinking there speculators.
Seems like Sony is just throwing sh*t against the wall to see what sticks. Sadly, no matter what sticks, it will still smell...
When Thanos arrives on Earth, the Avengers and Guardians will have to work together to stop him.
He did a damn fine job. Kudos, Dave. You just forced many people to eat a big plate of crow...
After seeing Batista absolutely nail his role as Drax in Guardians Of The Galaxy, I will never underestimate a wrestler's acting ability again. If Sheamus gets the role, I will assume it is because he earned it...
@richgamer150 Aww...did I upset you? Perhaps you should pay attention to the story before aimlessly commenting. Have a great night, and thanks for the amusement :)
@richgamer150 Correct. But the poster is for the Australian theaters. Were you not paying attention to that fact?
This is not a big deal. It was for Australia, not the US. If people are going to associate a poster of four ninja turtles with a building exploding in the background with an actual tragedy, that is on that person. Stay home if you can't separate fantasy from reality...
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He made life horrible for Reynolds and Biel during filming. I'm not sure Marvel should give him another chance.
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I would love to see this done as faithfully as possible.
Notice that they didn't actually give ASM3 a set date, only a year. Why? Likely because they have no idea where they are taking the story after Sinister Six, and want to stay flexible.
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Really? You mean he'd come back if offered the right amount of money? So his earlier statements were basically just a negotiating tactic? Wow, I wonder if anyone saw that coming? Wait a second, I did. I saw that coming.
Same powers as Superman? Clearly, he's playing Bizarro :P
Love this.
Regarding Steve Moore, too bad, so not sad. You sign a contract, you make sure you have a copy of what you signed. He said he "dug out" a contract, meaning he had a copy but didn't pay any attention to it. Like Alan Moore and many others, Steve didn't pay attention to what he signed, allegedly received a different contract than what he signed, and didn't immediately notice it until it was virtually unprovable. He had no one to blame but himself.
"Iconic" literary character? Standards are very low nowadays...
As long as the quality remains high, I don't care when the films take place.
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Bullsh*t. Neither side wants this. Does anyone really think DC or Marvel will risk its respective characters to look inferior to its opposite? Lawsuits and injunctions will arrive faster that Quicksilver or Flash could ever hope of being.
@shuabert But it's not even new. Loki was in female form just a few years ago. This is Marvel basically raising the white flag on creativity with the female characters they AREN'T spotlighting.
I guess it's nice to give others a chance, but the saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," was made for situations like this one. Regardless, good luck, newbies...