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Read many parts of the manga, watched the anime. With that said, if DN is switched to Los Angeles so Light and L can be played by white actors, I'd rather they not make this film.
@thedude1 From "Transformers" is the first summer flick to hold the No. 1 spot for two consecutive weeks, and it has generated nearly $175 million after just 10 days of release. After this weekend's bounty, the film has logged more than $400 million in international ticket sales."

Assuming that it drops to about $20 million this upcoming weekend, it should be around $200 million, with nothing too awe-inspiring on the horizon beyond Apes. Sex Tape? Please. Diaz naked in 1998? Yes please. Diaz naked in 2014? Well, not so much. As for Hercules, the trailers have not been anything but standard, and really, the story looks very similar to the recent Clash Of The Titans series. Lucy has ScarJo, Freeman, and a premise that at the very least is just as out there as a Transformers film. And who knows about Guardian Of The Galaxy. It may be good. It may be bad. So it stands a good chance to keep rolling in the dough through the end of summer.

As far as the numbers you bring up, it doesn't matter. I think if the film exceeds $210 million, which was the budget on the film, it's a complete win for Bay. He'll have made back the budget in US dollars, while raking in what looks to well over half a billion in profit, thanks to overseas box office.
@Rambling-Johnny Absolutely. Because there were ONLY two options to go with the story, and since this one may be a fake, we now know that it has to be the other option. It's so sad that WB/DC ONLY had two ways they could take the story, isn't it? I mean, there is NO possible way that there could be a third option...
@ObiWanShinobi To saturate the market with theories. They want to keep people guessing, but give them enough time to get adjusted to whatever actually is the real deal.
That...that's just genius.
Only non-readers would say Rayner, Todd, and Kelley are "lesser-knowns."
@writer220 Paramount both produced and distributed the film. They wouldn't be doing so, however, if the film series had a history of bombing...
@thedude1 For purposes of clarification, I wasn't trying to attack you personally. I was attacking complainers in general, and only held you out as an example because you voiced your displeasure below. My apologies if you felt the need to defend yourself.
@writer220 The nerve of Bay, trying to make money in his chosen profession! I mean, it's almost as if Bay thinks making profits is the most important thing in the business world. I mean, it's not like studios would stop hiring him if his films repeatedly flopped. What a jerk...
Look at the title of this story, and you'll see exactly why Bay doesn't care, and nor should he, about criticisms by critics and ass sore filmgoers like @thedude1. Everyone can say they hate the film, and that's your right. You didn't like it, and you can voice your opinion. But Bay has every right not change the formula because, even though there are all these criticisms, the masses are still paying $6-$15 per ticket. And here's the completely asinine thing; the whining and bitching didn't start about AOE after the finished product was seen. No, the fanbitches started up pretty much after Bay announced he was making the film, continued after Marky Mark was added to the cast, and rolled right through the premiere. And yet, instead of voicing its displeasure in the only meaningful way it can, by simply not paying to see the film, the fanbitches showed up in droves. Massive droves. Almost $42 million dollars worth of droves. So yeah, fanbitches, keep telling Bay he's horrible while at the same time putting your money in his coffers. Makes perfect sense...

"2 out of 3 ain't bad...I guess."
There are reports that Marvel is discontinuing FF books in order to not give this film any kind of push. After reading this article, I can kind of see why that would be the case...
@cvntstop Yeah, but that doesn't mean there can't be a Robin, since there has been more than one person in that role.
@cvntstop Nightwing is Dick Grayson, but Robin could be Grayson, Tim Drake. It's doubtful to be Damian Wayne or Jason Todd because both died while children.
Clearly, this was the weakest weekend of the summer, in terms of films. Next weekend, Transformers will pull at least $75 million, but I recommend going to see Edge Of Tomorrow if you haven't already done so, because it deserves to be a big hit...
Are we talking Dick or Tim?
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@AngelCyke Welcome, stalker :P

@mieko-siede You bring up great points about using other villains besides Joker, but let's face it; he's the money guy, and there may be an actor well-suited to play him in Michael Pitt. He was extraordinarily demented as Mason Verger in the Hannibal television show, and would excel in the role of Mr. J. As for a villain I'd like to see, I'd love a Hush arc, and thanks to the way DC is approaching it's films, it is now more doable than ever. If they can get cameo hero moments in BvS, they certainly can get villains together for a little Hush. Since Batfleck will be a man that is well into his crime-fighting career, The Long Halloween and Dark Victory are pretty much out the door, and Knightfall would echo TDKR too much. So Hush would be a perfect fit. Also, I think it would be a great time to revisit Hugo Strange, especially the Prey arc. Finally, I think if DC played its cards right, it could parlay Son of Batman into a nice two film set. All in all, i'm interested to see what exactly they will do with Batfleck.

Final Point: Affleck directing himself here was a given. I highly doubt he would have jumped back into the superhero swimming pool (the deepest end, no less) if he wasn't promised some modic*m of control...
C'mon people, are you gonna let @ObiWanShinobi's comments stand. Are his statements true?!
You know what I think is interesting, is that BvS has as many (or at least almost as many) changes as FF, yet FF gets killed every which way, while BvS has great fan support. Converse about that thought, puppets...
@thedude1 Huh? What? I don't understand? Huh?