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Darth Vader's story is completed. Time for a new villain.
@Darryl-Cobb-50546674 I can pretty much do what I want there, dipsh*t. But I'm sure Movieweb thanks you for your constructive comment...
Please, for the love of God, Allah, Buddha, Vishnu, or whatever one holds holy, be good. Just be good...
Whatever. I'll support the films, but won't be shocked if this has a rocky start. So far, have they even said who the main villain is in BvS is besides Luthor? Because if Supes and Bats fight and then team up only to take down Lex, I'm gonna be bored...
Apparently the readers of Empire Magazine think films were invented in the 1970's.

@ObiWanShinobi My Citizen Kane review pretty much covers why Kane is the #1 film of all-time. Give it a read if you want.

For my money, these films deserve historical recognition, for one or more reasons. In chronological order:

The Gold Rush
City Lights
Duck Soup
A Night at the Opera
Bringing Up Baby
Gone With the Wind
Wizard of Oz
The Great Dictator
Citizen Kane
Arsenic and Old Lace
The Third Man
Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
Key Largo
Treasure of the Sierra Madre
All About Eve
Sunset Boulevard
A Streetcar Named Desire
On The Waterfront
Rear Window
Roman Holiday
Seven Samurai
North By Northwest
The Ten Commandments
Bridge On the River Kwai
Cat On A Hot TIn Roof
Touch Of Evil
Ben Hur
Lawrence of Arabia
Bonnie and Clyde
Cool Hand Luke
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
The Godfather
Blazing Saddles
The Godfather Part 2
Young Frankenstein
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Taxi Driver
Star Wars
National Lampoon's Animal House
The Deer Hunter
Apocalypse Now
Empire Strikes Back
Raging Bull
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Blade Runner
48 Hours
Beverly Hills Cop
Back to the Future
Rain Man
My Left Foot
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Silence of the Lambs
Schindler's List
Forrest Gump
Pulp Fiction
Toy Story
LA Confidential
Saving Private Ryan
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
A Beautiful Mind
Fellowship Of the Rings
Gangs of New York
The Pianist
Lost in Translation
Mystic River
Return of the King
The Incredibles
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
The Departed
The Prestige
No Country For Old Men
There Will Be Blood
The Dark Knight
District 9
Inglorious Basterds
Black Swan
How To Train Your Dragon
The Avengers

That's my list of films worthy of historical recognition. It's not a "best of" list. It's not up for debate; I don't give a sh*t about anyone's opinion on how "Avatar sucks!" or "Prisoner of Azkaban is better than Goblet!" I don't care. Make your own goddamned list.

Also, I've been busy during the last two "Oscar seasons," and will likely be this fall as well. I will eventually see films such as "Her," 12 Years a Slave," etc., and make my own determinations for my own list of films. I'm also aware that I probably missed a few here or there, and will kick myself for not putting it on my list, but that's the breaks. Finally, my suggestion for everyone is to watch as many films from as many different genres and time periods and see how they fit into your own lists, if at all.
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As soon as I found out that this wasn't a Hank Pym story, I lost most of my interest. He's one of the most psychologically interesting characters in the Marvel U, and putting him in a supporting role seems off to me. So unless there's a swerve yet to be revealed storywise, I'm inclined to not really care about this film.
Good move, as long as the deal is for multiple films.
@ObiWanShinobi One question: if all you were saying was that you are excited to see DCU pump out quality films just like Marvel is, why would you begin by posting "this could be the fire to end Marvel's reign?"

@Dr-Devious Who are you? Oh, another MW dumbass. Okay. Got it.
@ObiWanShinobi You, a stupid fanboy? No! Certainly, someone calling himself "Obi Wan" couldn't be a stupid fanboy! I refuse to believe that!!!

C'mon man, be serious. I'm not attacking you, but your being naive. "Abolish Marvel's reign?" "Only studio pumping out quality superhero films?" Why care about any of that? As for me being bitter, I have no idea where you got that from. If you fully comprehended my previous post, you would have seen that I said that neither DC nor Marvel would lose anything. I don't know what you or some of the others here on MW or IGN or any of the other fanboy-baiting sites are thinking when you start bringing this "competition" up. Disney/Marvel and WB/DC don't give a f*ck about what the other is doing; they are each too busy figuring out how to get the consuming public to pry open their wallets. They are involved in business, where the name of the game is profit. Only the fans (not all the fans, not even half of the filmgoing audience. Just that segment that has entirely too much time on its hands) talk about this whole "reign" nonsense, and how Company B can "dethrone" Company A. As long as each company makes X amount of dollars, they don't give a sh*t what the public thinks about the other company's product. And why should they? If the consumer puts money into the coffers of both companies equally, then the public's opinion regarding dominance is irrelevant to the companies because you favor them both in the only way that matters to them.
@bane5000 I disagree. I think they are saying nothing's on the table at the moment because FF still has to prove itself as a franchise. It would hinder the progress of both series' if X-Men was forced to act as a crutch for FF. Once/if FF proves to be a viable franchise, FOX will likely bring this topic up again. For now though, it's nonsensical to discuss combining the new product with the proven commodity.

@xenon56 I understand the trepidation, but I would wait until seeing the final product before declaring that you won't see FF.
@ObiWanShinobi Because A2 won't make big money, right? Or Cap 3? Thor 3? Because people will all of a sudden not want to see characters they've been watching since 2008, right? Because Man Of Steel put a dent in Marvel's wallet, right? Obviously, because Cap 3 didn't recently surpass MOS in terms of worldwide box office, right? Oh wait, it did...

Listen, it's not going to happen either way. People will spend on DC, and they'll continue to spend on Marvel, and they'll continue to spend money on any film franchise that gives them any kind of bang for their buck.
@pdubz Because Marvel's reign is based off of something other than how much money its films rake in, right? And that the DCU will assuredly cut into Marvel's profit margin, right? Yeah, thanks for playing...
@ObiWanShinobi Yep, because everyone's just going to stop going to Marvel films, right?
For now, it's "no." If the FF films can stand on their own, then perhaps...
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I'm sure this will make potential audiences turn away in droves...
Start from the beginning, with a lead actor somewhere between 25-30 years old, possible still in law school. Take a lot from Frank Miller's "The Man Without Fear" book, and move on from there...
@Brizzy Cap was on top for three weeks before Upton's boobs took the weekend. Hardly the same thing.
I hope Laurence Fishburne is able to do both Blackish and Hannibal, and if not, I want him to stay on Hannibal.
@superman81 It amounts to nil because an RT rep's opinion does not change the objective reviews of other people. Point is, both films got critically smashed (not that it hurt either film commercially) by objective reviewers. Saying one film was appropriately scored and the other wasn't, is garbage. You say it's contested, but I don't see it. The audience numbers don't back that statement up, and even if they did, you would have to concede that same point to ASM2, which has a nearly identical audience score to MOS. Again, not saying you or anyone else doesn't have a right to your opinion, but using RT as a sledgehammer on ASM2 when last year you said that the reviewers didn't know what they were talking about, their reviews were meaningless, no one pays attention to reviews, etc., just comes off as hypocritical.
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@Cassandra-Castaldo-Glowacki If they are able to use the name "Godzilla," then they've already gained copyright license to the character, and can fashion it in any way they want.