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@thedude1 First, my comments are factual. They don't care. That little one shot Marvel is doing means nothing. So far, all that's known about the Marvel One Shot with Kingsley is that it stars Kingsley. There is no substantial evidence that it will change anything.

Second, I've no problem with using Blofeld. I was just tweaking you because of your opinion about the series. And no, the series isn't in a "barely above average" place. You're construing the facts to your liking. I can do that as well. If your gonna use QoS, you also have to factor in CR, because QoS was the sequel. That places the reboot series in a much better place than "so-so." Furthermore, Skyfall's momentous success carries extra weight, seeing as it was the last film.

You may not like what I'm saying, but that's just your opinion. The opinion of the vocal minority, which Hollywood does not care about (why do you think there's a Transformers 4 or a Pirates 5 on the way? Because they're successful). And you may not like that, and that's fine. Keep complaining. And stay home. Show the studios how you feel about the product by not paying for it, because like I said before, the more you keep adding to the coffers of the studio's the less inclined they are to change things.
@thedude1 You're absolutely right. I mean, so what if the overwhelming majority liked the film? It was lackluster in your eyes, and because of that, MGM should stop creating lackluster films that the overwhelming majority finds enjoyable, lol.

All kidding aside, they have no reason to change their MO. The films are both critical and commercial successes, and unlike the political world, Hollywood couldn't care less about what the vocal minority thinks. Disney doesn't really care about what die hard Iron Man fans thought of the Mandarin's role in IM3, and I'm sure MGM does not care about the opinion of the few that didn't like Skyfall. In short, if you don't like the product, don't pay for it. Otherwise, your complaints just fall on deaf ears.
@thedude1 Yeah, because Skyfall was such a failure, what with becoming the top grossing film in the franchise. They definitely need to fix something...
@ Clearly, you never heard of Jezebel Jet.
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Ghostbusters 2 is still awful.
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Love it.
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Buried in the dead of winter...
The answer is yes.
@mieko-siede In answer to your question in your last post as to why she would want to play WW while also under contract for Sif, the simple answer is that as Sif, she's no better than fifth on the pecking order (Thor, Loki, Odin, and Jane Foster are more integral to the story the films are telling). WW would give her top billing in a franchise, which would afford many more opportunities. I didn't read the thread, so it's possible you received this answer already, and if you did, I apologize, but that is why, in my opinion, she would want the role of WW.
@Brizzy Can I ask what exactly is disappointing about the show?
@thedude-abides To be honest, it doesn't matter to me. I can see pictures of Upton on the 'net whenever I want. Her getting a role in this film, while good for her career, doesn't mean anything to me, especially if the film is bad (which I doubt it will be). Also, to echo @shuabert and his point of her acting skills, I wouldn't want another Denise Richards situation.
@shuabert Alba's half white, and her looks are more anglicized than latin, especially since she usually has her hair dyed blond. Be that as it may, an African -American Sue Storm is how they should go if Johnny is played by Michael B. Jordan. The color of their skin does not matter to me, except in that if Johnny is black and Sue is white, one of them will be likely featured in a subplot about being an outsider, which is infringing on Ben Grimm's part of the story. So I'd rather not go that route.
IM3 made over a billion dollars in theaters. Marvel has nothing to backtrack from. The complainers will still go see Thor, Cap, etc., so Marvel has no reason to appease the butthurt masses.

Kingsley will either play the goofy character again for comedic purpose, or play another character entirely.
It's all wrapped? Just in time for him to go promote it at the next Wrestlemania. And "fight" John Cena again.
I honestly don't care. I would have enjoyed a Beetlejuice sequel fifteen, twenty years ago, but now it's just no different than Jim Carrey going back to Dumb and Dumber, or Dan Akroyd basically forcing, or in Murray's case, guilting, people back to Ghostbusters. They've seen their stars fall a bit, and they are reaching back to their glory days for one more shot at the big time. This isn't the 20th Century anymore. I think it's time to let go.
I don't like this move unless Sue is also cast as an African American. Making them step or half siblings would likely mean part of the story will be dedicated to how Johnny feels like an outsider, and that's Ben Grimm's trait, not Johnny's.
Black Mask.
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Vroom vroom, motherf*ckers!
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@David-garcia-67788063 You have no evidence, just your belief. Quit being a jackass.
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@David-garcia-67788063 Shut up. She could have said he was a gorilla because of his size. No need to infer thoughts that may not be there.

As for this, it looks highly derivative. It looks like they just took every possible trope that can be found in epics, and threw them into a pot. Not expecting much at all.