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@writer220 So, after Hugh hinted at at retiring, FOX signs him for the same amount of money? Yeah...if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.
ejk1 wrote a comment about the news item Hugh Jackman Is Returning for Wolverine 3
@writer220 @ObiWanShinobi One minute he was negotiating, and in the next minute FOX agreed to his price.
ejk1 wrote a comment about the news item Hugh Jackman Is Returning for Wolverine 3
What? Really? So, all the fanbitches on MW only got to complain about that potential replacement list for only one day?
I love when MW writers have the guts to make a list like this, if only so I can see who bitches about the choices. Last I checked, no one else here decided to come up with a solution to the whole "Jackman's gettin' old and might eventually need to be replaced" issue.
Good ol' 80's nostalgia.
I think Martin needs to produce the final two books before he starts talking about a movie to tie it all up.
@thedude1 For now, it's clear that you missed my point. I said it wasn't far-fetched that DC would cherry pick for canon, because there is precedent for it doing so. Whether it's ultimately untrue remains to be seen; treating the possibility as BS or truth at the moment is premature.
It's not that far-fetched, especially considering that it's a DC product. If you've been reading the New 52 for the past two and a half years, you'd know that DC left quite a few aspects of the pre-52 in the New 52 DCU. Blackest Night, for example, occurred. They didn't remove the events of The Killing Joke, just gave Barbara a miracle operation. And many of the things that happened in the Batman section of the DCU was kept intact--Damien, Bat Inc., etc. So before anyone is so quick to say that this is just BS contrived from fanbitches, just know that DC has a history of picking and choosing what canons they wish to continue following.
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"Veronica Mars Returns Triumphantly. Now, About that Sequel..."
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@dfella A lot of people, I imagine.
The secondary characters of each individual film (Falcon, Sif, War machine, etc.) do not need to be in The Avengers.
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No reason for Marvel not to do this. They're betting that Cap 2 will be a great success critically and commercially. Avenger 2 will likely be another billion dollars into the coffers. Cap 3 will be coming in the midst of Phase 3, likely when the Thanos arc is ramping up. Meanwhile, BvS has been as criticized for its casting as it is anticipated, and if the rumors that the article point out are true, BvS may end up moving back so all script issues can be ironed out (avoiding the issues MOS faced in terms of pacing, leaving holes in the plot, etc.)

With that said, I hope WB/DC finds a way to keep everything together and releases on time. Regardless of what the fanbitches below me or whatever is said after this post favoring one or the other, I personally can't wait for the biggest double header in movie history. I won't decide on which film I'll see first now, though; I'm going to wait until reviews are released, and save the one regarded by critics as the better film for last. The weekend of May 6, 2016 should be great. I look forward to both films.
@themoviefanatic Good job. I'm so glad you're here to tell me these obvious things, without being able to understand why I said them (and no, I'm not explaining it, so don't ask).
It should've been Michael B. Jordan.
@dfella While I'm not sure about the Ultimate line of books, I can say that Widow does not have a son by Cap in the Earth-616 line of books. James originated in a Marvel video "Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow," that took place in the alternate universe, Earth-555326. He's barely mentioned if at all in the books, and is basically an afterthought. For the record, in mainstream Marvel, the 616, Widow has only been with one Cap-Bucky Barnes- and has one child by Daredevil, assuming the great End of Days miniseries from last year was made into canon (I think so, but who knows...).
@dfella Are you saying Hollywood changed the story, so she has a baby by Cap?
@Michael-Kolesik I'm sure they'll miss you.

Saying Rhino is in the film for four minutes could be misleading. Will his four minutes be in one shot, or strewn throughout the film, making his presence feel much weightier? In Shakespeare In Love, Judi Dench won Best Supporting Actress for eight minutes of work. It's not how long, but how effective one's presence on screen becomes. Giamatti is the type of actor that can do great things in limited time.
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@barryhercules Yeah, I'm pretty sure that last sentence of yours can apply to any film released in theaters, so your point is ridiculous.
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@superman81 It's always about money. When have I ever said it wasn't?
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@narrator Things are good. I'm halfway through law school, which is a lot of work. As such, I am an infrequent user of MW as well.