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@Brizzy To clarify, I don't think anyone of intelligence was upset with your remark. That being said I stand by what I said earlier about the joke not being good. Even if it's about Twilight, saying "quantity over quality" doesn't sit right when there are more Marvel and HP films. I get the desire to tweak Twilight, but the execution was a bit off. But again, I wasn't trying to attack you, just make a point.

@c-a-r-t-m-a-n Whatever dude. I've got better things to do.
@c-a-r-t-m-a-n's the thing...I don't want you taking my side. There isn't any issue between @Brizzy and myself. He made a poor joke, and that's the end of it. I'm not fighting with him, nor you, for that matter. I don't care who's #1 or #100, and unless/until I find myself making money off of a film franchise, I'm not going to start.
@Brizzy Did I leave you with an impression that I was upset? Perhaps it's you that needs to calm down. Or at least learn how to tell good jokes...
@Brizzy Seems ridiculous to say that when it's so many films on each side.
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@knightmare90 #4 seems like cruel and unusual punishment to viewers...
ejk1 wrote a comment about the news item Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan Return for Karate Kid 2
@knightmare90 Jaden will also meet a girl, and be the man who will fight for her honor...
@shuabert We've been on the same page since the first article. The only thing I'll add is that this guy is too old for the role, especially if this is going to be an origin's tale, or include some of his great stories.
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Love the film. Downloaded it the first day.
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This would be hilarious. Unnecessary, but hilarious.
There is a long way to go, and no guarantee either film will be good. I swear fanbitches fight over the stupidest things. Just be happy you have a potentially great day, and both films live up to the hype.
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Are they going to Jackie Chan's home village, where they confront his long time rival, and face down a storm?
@superman81 Not necessarily. All along I've said that Ultron in A2 is a time traveler. If that's the case, then they can bring him back as Pym/Stark are creating him to help fight Thanos or another villain.
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FOX might cast him as Cyclops.
@shuabert Green would be fine. I just feel a 40 something DD is not the way to go. For a television show, they should go the origin route, at least start somewhere near the beginning of Matt's dual life.
A new list? Yay! Time for the bitching to begin...
@shuabert I'd rather marvel go for someone a bit younger anyways,and a little less associated with a famous role. I'm not saying go the 20-25 route, unless they wanted to go back to when Matt was in law school, but somewhere between 30-32. A veteran, but not so grizzled that his best days are behind him.
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@therealGoku I'm sure the stuntman they put under the helmet will be just fine.

@jonspidey07 Who would you have picked for April?

@Michael-Kolesik Actually, it's a Jonathan Liebesman film...

@themoviefanatic You won't be going to see it? I'll alert the studio...

@mr-k Fox is atrocious based on what?

@superman81 How would one go about doing April "justice?"
His looks aren't important. It's the attitude that's going to sell it for me.
Let the negotiating begin...