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@thedude1 Right, but 1) there's a first time for everything, and 2) I think it's a smart move. It would get crushed going directly against BvS or Cap 3. Furthermore, FOX will likely be placing X-Men: Apocalypse sometime in the middle of summer 2016, either June or July. So, putting Deadpool in the middle of three strong entities would likely get it lost in the shuffle.

Additionally, aside from fans of the character, there isn't much of an outcry for this film. Putting out in February may mean that there is less pressure. It's not getting tentpole treatment, and therefore it's expectations are lower. If it exceeds those expectations, good things may spring forward.
ejk1 wrote a comment about the news item Deadpool Movie Officially Gets 2016 Release!
@thedude1 Normally, I'd agree with you about February being a dead month, but 2016 is a different case. BvS is being released in March, Cap 3 in May, so it stands to reason that if FOX wants to make some money off of Deadpool, putting him before those films seems like a better idea. Don't let it get lost in the shuffle, or suffer from summertime movie fatigue.

As for Reynolds, maybe this time he'll star in a cbm that doesn't suck (although admittedly, the failures of GL, X:Men: Wolverine, and Blade Trinity cannot be laid at his feet).
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@themoviefanatic Which told us nothing we didn't already know.
ejk1 wrote a comment about the news item Avengers 2 Official Story Details Released!
That told us nothing new...
Will Deathstroke be in this? Will Starfire will given the sex bomb treatment? Will the budget be high enough to accommodate Beast Boy and Raven's special effects? I look forward to the answers to these questions...
@Brizzy Notice first that I said he has nothing else going on. That can be taken a few ways. Second, I mentioned not only critical, but also commercial reception for his films, which I guess you failed to comprehend. To make it very clear to you:

Aside from being Legolas and Will Turner, Bloom hasn't seen much Hollywood success, if any. So yeah, he has nothing else going on. Not my fault you made an assumption.
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@raoulduke33 That's usually been Drax The Destroyer's goal.

As for Dave, I'm happy for his success. He made many people, both here on MW and elsewhere, eat a lot of crow. The WWE missed out by not positioning him to face Brock Lesnar.
@Brizzy Do some research on some of those films, including critical reception and box office numbers, and then get back to me...
He's got nothing else going on. All he has is Will Turner and Legolas, and he's completed his run as Legolas.
@captainrumi Martin had no problem with Brienne winning the fight. If the creator of the characters gives it a stamp of approval, obviously he can see her winning.
@captainrumi That tells me nothing, dude. "Clegane is this, Clegane is that" doesn't tell anyone how he would match up with someone that bested Ser Loras and Jamie. Just because Sandor killed more people doesn't mean he'd get the best of Brienne. The only thing that can be said in this discussion that holds real water is that we'll never know, because Martin never had them face off in the books. The fight on the show was great stuff. If you didn't enjoy it, that's your problem. Perhaps you shouldn't worry so much about adhering to the source material.
@captainrumi I've read the books, and some of the sample chapters on line for Winds Of Winter. The two characters never cross paths in the books, so no one can say based off the books what would happen, which makes your premise an opinion. Not a fact, just an opinion.
@thedude1 Doesn't matter. They'll still go forward with it.
@captainrumi What the hell are you talking about? She couldn't beat The Hound? What knowledge are you basing this off of, the standards you made up in your head? You're ridiculous. Have a great day...
@thedude1 No. Thor 2 outpaced its predecessor by $20 million in North America, and about $200 million worldwide. The only issue is getting a stronger story, which is something that can be done.
@darkdream I'd rather they keep it loose. Seeing moments like the introduction of the Night King, or the fight between Brienne and the Hound were excellent decisions by the showrunners.
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Denzel is too old for an origin tale. If Marvel decided to bring in BP after many years as the Wakandan King, then it would be fine. We all know that once whoever puts on that costume, a stunt double will be doing the work, so it doesn't really matter on that front...
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Why can't they do a sequel with this premise? Unless Thirlby doesn't want in, I say bring her back.
Marvel's doing the right thing here. See if other properties can get off the ground first (such as Dr. Strange, Black Widow, etc.), see how Ant-Man Thor 3 and Cap 3 do, and then decide if there is a need to bring back its billion dollar baby...
Amazing that Lucy was able to sneak back into the top ten. I guess no one really wanted the Sin City sequel. At all. I wonder if it was released in 2010 if it would have fared better...