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@Claire-Romney If you were smart, you'd realize FOX wasn't a "he."
I don't see why Marvel or DC should decide to move yet, since we haven't even reached May 2014, and many thing can happen in two years. Still, if either were to move, it will be interesting to see where they move. To May 13th, attempting to undercut the other's long term box office? To early April, reigning supreme for a full month, and then shrugging of the other film when it takes the top spot in May by saying, "Hey, of course that film is #1. Everyone has already seen our film?" Perhaps July 4th Weekend? Interesting to see...
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Another origin story...great. And Annihilus wouldn't join with Doom. In fact, they're enemies.
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Thanks for the warning...
@Phillip-Patricia-Groom Cap 2 has a 97% approval rating from the MW community members that rated the film based on the 5 star system. If you bothered to rate the film, the score would change accordingly. Since you would give it an 80/100, that would mean you would give Cap 2 4 out of 5 stars. Because reducing 80/100 to its lowest terms is 4/5. By giving Cap 2 a 4/5, you would lower the 97% somewhat. And that's how this site works. It's not hard to figure out, at least for some of us...
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Yes. More of that, please. And if Beware the batman does well on Toonami, more of that as well.
A week ago, I posed the question "Will Cap take the top spot through April?" After being somewhat convinced by some fellow MWers that Transcendence would be competition, it took until mid-week for me to realize that I, like others, was fooled by the names in the cast. Cap reigns supreme, and will likely stay #1 until replaced by another Marvel hero, Spider-Man, the first weekend of May.
@shuabert Michael Chiklis, but only if he brings the Vic Mackey attitude.
When I put my Defense Lawyer's Hat on, I have a few questions for Mr. Egan:

1) In 2000, when you first filed suit, why wasn't Singer's name found in the complaint?

2) According to early reports, you say the assaults began in a mansion in Encino, Ca. If so, why would you continue to go back to that place? Why go on trips to Hawaii?

When I put on my Prosecutor's Hat on, and look at it from Egan's POV, I come up with this:

"Something likely happened, but I'm not sure what is believable here. Egan didn't allege Singer's involvement in 2000, and filed civil suit against Singer in 2014, but not criminal charges."

That's difficult, and my guess is that Egan's lawyer held that press conference to taint the jury pool in the hopes of forcing a large cash settlement out of Singer.

While I think it's possible that Singer had a some kind of relationship with Egan, whether sexual or not, I'm not inclined to believe Egan's top priority for coming forward was seeing that justice is served. But I imagine we'll see how it all turns out...
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No need to make plans until FF proves it can hold its own. If it has to be propped up by another franchise, it's not worthy of its own series, let alone a crossover. So, yes, FOX's non-plan makes sense for now. If FF proves to be a commercial success, and at least critically passable, then a sequel will occur. If the sequel meets similar success, then we can start thinking crossover...
I'm keeping an open mind here.
@xenon56 I enjoyed reading the conversation you had with yourself in the middle of this thread. I hope you find Chronicle more enjoyable the second time around.
@Jainit-Kapadia @ghostman I'll discount Haunted House 2 because of my lack of interest, but thanks for the heads up on Transcendence. That cast looks damned amazing. Good reviews will likely have it pull ahead of Cap.
I wonder if Cap will take it all the way until May. Is there anything noteworthy being released for the rest of the month?
I'd rather the Sinister Six not get its own spinoff because of redemption aspects.
@c-a-r-t-m-a-n "ur a pathetic freak acting to be smart."

Keep making sentences such as that. It only makes you look worse. And I'm not fighting with you. All I've done is told the truth. You didn't have to involve yourself in my conversation, and when I told you to butt out, you got your feelings hurt, and are reacting poorly. I'm not going to insult you, because there's no need or desire. You want to say something more and take the "win," go ahead. This isn't an intellectually stimulating debate, like what I have with Dude, Nick, or others on MW. This is just you lashing out because I said to not bother me. So go ahead and say whatever you want. I have other things to do today, and you're boring me.
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@thedude-abides It's just surprising at how bad some of these films sound. Perhaps one or two will surprise, but I'm not counting on it...
@c-a-r-t-m-a-n You're assuming I'm black because of my picture, while also trying the cliched insulting of my mother. You're just a sad little boy that falls back on cursing because he nothing else to say. I pity you.