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Eddie584 wrote a comment about the news item Steven Spielberg Will Direct Ready Player One
this makes more sense to me than Chris nolan directing it, this is gonna be quite a film!
jack reacher had thrilling moments but also had a level of cheesieness to it.... i hope mcquarrie keeps the thrilling moments and ditches the cheesieness for this one.
didnt he do this for spiderman 2 and everyone hated it?
i love snl but i wish this movie would pull some talent from a different comedy well. there are other comedians outside of snl guys.
German accent like Allan Cmmings?
"I swear im not the star of the movie, but iam getting paid more than the star! that much i can tell you!"
@Brizzy "we do Days of Future Past with the new Wolverine AND Hugh".
New wolverine implies younger. why are you gonna have two wolverines and have them close in age.
i love mathew vaughn, but he must really not understand how wolverine works. he cant have a younger self in the80's... it doesnt make sense.
@instead8909 yeah i get that.
i meant that we finally get a proper sequel to the original x-men films with the original cast.
this is exactly what i was thinking would happen.
After Days Of Future Past it makes total sense to make "wolverine 3" into a proper "x-men 4" with the original cast.
By the by FOX i would still like to know how charles came back to life and how wolverine got his claws back in DOFP..... comic book tie-in?
love mathew vaughn but indiana jones just doesnt feel like his style... or is that just me?
that last one is slightly inappropriate, but ok.
hmm i dont know.... he might have to sleep with the director to get the part.
@instead8909 i would rather him stay with marvel as a producer and do his own stuff on the side. no jumping ship, just staying as a producer/consultant.
i feel like RDJ didnt capitalise as much on his fame as he could of... he had the potential of doing some awesome things after iron man and didnt, not only that the moie going audience would have followed him happily.... to bad.
Eddie584 wrote a comment about the news item Fantastic Four Human Torch Costume Revealed!
didnt the news story from earlier say that these suits were temporary?
i like tyrese but i dont really think hes a good fit for john stewart.
Eddie584 wrote a comment about the news item Marvel's Doctor Strange Lines Up Chiwetel Ejiofor
heres hoping this role is serenity esque.
@instead8909 the problem wasnt that there was to much action, the problem was that the action felt boring and over the top. hopefuly thats corrected in Batman V. sperman but i kinda doubt it.


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