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Dyablo wrote a comment about the news item The Wolverine Trailer Preview
Can someone tell me where in the time this story is.
After the first Wolverine movie or between the X-Men movie ??

Jean Grey died in X-Men: last stand at the end.
Can we see here a ressurection, a flashback or the movie is bettew the X-Men 1 and 2 ??

What do you think guys ??
Dyablo wrote a comment about the news item First Look at Captain America's Costume Concept Art!
MMm . They can't be more modern then that. I think the story of this Captian America was in World War 2. In this time, technologie was not advanced like today. I think we can see the real C.A costum in the Avengers movie, because, if i remenber, the Avengers find Captain frozen after many year in Antartica.
Me 2. Cant wait to see this movie and the Linkin Park Music video is very hot. i love LP.
Dyablo wrote a comment about the news item Brand New Dragonball Evolution Trailer!
I am a big fan 2 of the DragonBall anime series and when i look this trailer, i can see many différences. But, remember when the first trailer of Transformers movie show up, many poeple and fan talk about the difference for the look of Optimus Prime, not a Flat nose van, or Megatron is not a gun.... The story for what this robot come here on the planet earth was different 2, and many was desapointed for this, but after the first week in theater, many fan change oppinion and like the way the producer choose to make this animed series on the big screen and for me this film is very very good.
In DragonBall Revolution, i think the producer want to do the same thing. I cannot tell if this film can be a good movie or a bad, but i can let a chance and make my oppinion after the generic in theater.

And, someone tell about Goku's tail is not there. When you see the trailor, Goku was a adult. He lost is tail when he was a Kid. Someone cut it for protection because when the moon was full, he transform in Giant Ape and loose control. But i think the producer can talk about this somewhere in the movie.
If you look in the trailer, you can see young Wolverine. Can someone tell me why he have is claws at this age. For me, i think he have this claws when he have the mutant experience when the army shoot the ademandium in his body.
Oooo My god ..... Whit this trailer... I Think this film is gonna be great. I see the teaser with 2 friend and ... all say, this will be not good. But, with this movie trailer here, i see it with this 2 sames friend ..... and all cannot wait to see the movie.
Just see in this trailer, Goku say the word for is devastating attack, the Kamehamea. Bbbrrrrrrr. Good sensation in me.
Cool trailer here.Now, go to the apple trailer site. You can see it on hight definition.
That was amazing. The best Terminator movie i thing.
Dyablo wrote a comment about the news item New Terminator Salvation Japanese Trailer!
For me order, my favory Terminator movie was
2 - 1 - 3.
But whit this preview, T4 take the first place at the moment.
More action i think. Look like a great movie here.
Look in the Borne Trology, he show great combat scene. This is important for this role. Captain A. have a great industructible Shield but he have a great combat skill to. We want someone, an actor whit this type.
I think Matt Demon can be part of the choice. Whit physical workout to built a good muscle body, he can do Captain America.
Dyablo wrote a comment about the news item The 2nd Watchmen Trailer Is Here!
Can you tell my who is the bag guy in this film. I think is the bleu one but if you see the trailer, you can see the bleu guy in team whit the other. I think, in the history, he turn is back to the other and try to rule the world.

I dont read de novel. When i look on this web site and see someone make this film, i dont know this hero.
Mmmm. Look after this. DC Comics film whit Brandon Routh and Christian Bale in Justice League. The next superhero film.

And, i like your idea Erncrazy. 4 or 5 super hero in this film was ok. More then that..... its to much. I wont to see the performence of all superhero in this film. Make a film whit many superhero can be put some hero on the side and dont show all the action on it.
Dyablo wrote a comment about the news item New Dragonball Teaser Hits Hard!
Mmm !!
I see the teaser and i think the color skin of Piccolo is green. Someone said the color is white but this is the reflect of the light on him. You can see is green skin but not the same green like the TV episode. In the episode, the skin was more dark. But in the film, the skin was more light.
And Michael Bay have to explain what is the Sparke because in the fist Film, Optimus tell to Shea to put the Cube insine is chest to destroy it whit is Sparke.
Many people don't know about this.
Good point Leo. But..... If you look Beastwars or BeastMachines, you can see in some episode what give life and personality to all Transformers. The Sparke. All Transformers have this in chest. A little shiny Sphere whit light inside. This is the heart for this machine. You can break body, cut head but, if you not destroy the Sparke, this robot dont' die.If Micheal Bay have this information, probably he can revive Bonecrush to be part of Devastator.
The problem i have, in the fist episode, Shea Leboeuf put the Old Sparke (Cube) in the chest of Megatron and i dont no if the Sparke was destroy because in the history of the Transformers, the only way to destroy Megatron, is Optimus Prime. He have to reformate is Sparke and Megatron Sparke at then same time to destroy him.
But... i don't no was is the plan of Mr. Bay.
If Devastetor come in live action in this movie, probably we can see the big robot make with the aircrafts. I don't remember the name but imagine the battle when this 2 bigs monsters robots figh. This can be great.
MMmmm !! Someone remember if there are episode where you can see the face of Cobra Commander. I don't.

And use the same cartoon voice is ok.
I love your iea Frenzy Pick up Matt Demon to do this. He have a good potentiel and he is a good fighter in the Bourne Trilogy.
Juste do some workout to built a muscle body and put the first advenger costum on it. That's was cool.
Dyablo wrote a comment about the news item New Dragonball Set Photos Surface
For me. I Like all episode of the Dragonball Z saga. For the DragonBall,i like to but this saga was more for kid i think.

In DragonBall Z, my favorite part was the saga of Cell when Gohan Fight. Remember when is father tell im i was the only hope to destroy Cell and, by the transformation on Super saiyen 2, he surpass is father.

The other episode i like very much is, in Buu saga, at the end, when Goku fight Kid Buu, Vegeta back in is memory and for the first time, he said :
- Goku, you are the best.
Mmm !! Interesting question here, Gohan.
Ok !!! Do you see Superman whit Christopeher Reeve or Brandon Routh. This is not the Superman you can see in the comics book. This 2 dont have the same big muscle but in the film Superman Return, he can push a very, very big mountain on space.
I Know that, Goku in the last fight with Piccolo have very small muscle and you can see in the battle vs. Vegeta, more muscle, but you don't need very large muscle to show the power you have. For this character, you have to look for the energy. You can have all muscle you want but if you dont have energy, you cannot do what Goku do. In the episode when Gohan fight with Cell, in the Super Saiyen 2 form, he can destroy the solar system. Not with is muscle, but the energy.
And, with the technology today, you can do what you want.
The question you have to ask i think is : This guy, can he represente Goku in DragonBall like the episode. I talk about is personality not the physical aspect.
I tell you that when i can see the first trailer. For the remainder, we must wait.


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