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Hey sweety, how are you? Hope all is well at your end. Stay in touch:)
travis   »  DRACULA
anytime man so whats going on
The Lost Girl   »  DRACULA
Thanks for the add! Look forward to chatting!
CDT1013   »  DRACULA
But then again my dislike of Harry Potter might be because of my age.
CDT1013   »  DRACULA
I have not idea why people like Harry Potter so much. I have only seen the first one, and that was unwillingly. I loved LEMONY SNIKET's! I still need to buy it. I do like the darkness of it. I wish they would make a version of Alice In Wounderland that was dark like that.
No problem man hows it goin?
Vamp   »  DRACULA
Please don't call me Vampy. LOL, it's weird. Thanks for the Add Request.
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who's gonna give me one of those prizes
Molemanjoop   »  DRACULA
Whats Up ? How U doin ?
Timmy   »  DRACULA
THX for the add Drac. Happy halloween.
Draktyr   »  DRACULA
Thanks for the friend request! :)
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Wow i love the jason movies,but consp*cuous by freddys absence
Wow,it can be asinteresting as its game
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