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I think it is kind of dumb to remake Night a 3rd time, but being 3-D, I can't wait.
Like, The Mid Eraser, at various Six Flags Parks he will take a lawn mower to some guy's head, and his brains, or mind will fly out, therefore erasing his memory, or mind. Also, he blasts someone with a cannon, like Canyon Blaster at various Six Flags parks. Although Mr. Six can't read well and thought Canyon was Cannon. Stuff like that.
dr.-feinstone posted in the forum: Jackass: Number Two
The bunjee jump with the fat guy and wee man is insanley funny.

THat was friggin awesome. I wanna do that.
dr.-feinstone posted in the forum: 28 Weeks Later
I hated 28 Days Later and don't care. 28 Weeks Later is a terribly cheesy title though.
I liked the longer Dumplings because it made more sense and it was a lot more intense than the cut down pversion. The shorter version made like no sense, the longer version explained more and was more interesting, and the ending was a lot better.

I'll check out From A Whisper to a Scream if I can find it for rental.
Coming soon...

THE TITLE: Mr. Six Goes Insane

THE PLOT: When a Six Flags park closes, Mr. Six goes on a killing rampage killing everyone in ways unimaginable. THe way he kills them pertains to rides at different Six Flags parks. Thoughts?
Has anyone seen 666: The Demon Child?
dr.-feinstone posted in the forum: Jackass: Number Two
Has anyone even seen this? I saw it last weekend and thought it was hilarious. THe horse stunt and the taxi stunt owned. I can't believe they censored the horse part though.
3...Extremes was really disappointing. Dumplings was pretty bad, Cut was quite good, and Box was disappointing, it was okay but not the usual thing I expect to see from Takashi Miike. I thought the full length Dumplings movie was really good though, actually better than all the 3...Extremes put together. I havent seen From A Whisper To A Scream though.Creepshow owns anthologies with Tales From The Crapper.
dr.-feinstone posted in the forum: Most disturbing movies?
Damn I forgot to Say Audition. Also, Battle Royale is a disturbing masterpiece one of the best films I've ever seen.
dr.-feinstone posted in the forum: Most disturbing movies?
Cannibal Holocaust
Requiem For A Dream
Cannibal Ferox (because of the meat hooks...Jesus)

I really wanna see Salo.
To Dr. Feinstone : Yeah i went and check your dvd list since I saw your list on the best horor movie you own thread and your right it's pretty decent. I'm almost familiar whit everything and there's a lot I want . But like I said I buy cheap and use .Thats ehy I created this thread to know the good recent ones. Now I,m a bit like you I like some bad horor movie's but not every one .

Now I bought The dead hate the living and thought it was pretty good, the story needed some work but I rarely saw a low budget movie with such a great make-up and gore effect ever. And for a plus the dialogue full of horor ,ovie trivia and hommages.

The best part of Dead Hate The Living was the end with the fire, cracked me up sooo much. WOrst CGI EVER. Okay, I have seen worse but it made me laugh so hard. Movie was a fun b movie.

Just look at my DVD collection, I got a good amount of horror movies, and some bad ones. Stay away from Ax Em unless you REALLY like bad movies like me, avoid Haunting Desires at all costs, and Mirror, Mirror 3 is awful yet the first 2 are excellent. Most of the movies in my collection are decent.
dr.-feinstone posted in the forum: Grindhouse
I love Tarantino, can't wait to see this.
WTF? A Clockwork Orange is a masterpiece!
dr.-feinstone posted in the forum: The Grudge 2
Dumb marketing scam, IMO. Kind of gay to pretend somebody diaaappeared to promote a movie. That is a new low. THe Grudge was terrible, so will this.
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Though I didn't hate 28 Days Later, I did think it was extremely overrated. I remember seeing the DVD at Best Buy with a quote saying "Scariest movie since...Exorcist" or something like that. I watched it and wasn't scary at all. I do have to admit though that the scene with the main character walking through an empty London was pretty awesome. I'd give the movie a 5 out of 10.

Now I hear they're making a sequel to it which doesn't interest me at all.

Yeah, it's called 28 Weeks Later, believe it or not. Very cheesy title, IMO. Only thing I kind of liked about 28 Days Later was how the zombies helped at the end by killing the bad guys, i love when they twist such creatures around and make them almost good.
dr.-feinstone posted in the forum: Saw III
Saw II was more of a "Slasher" flick than the first one, but I love slashers and it was still original with the awesome ending.
dr.-feinstone posted in the forum: My top ten Comedies.
What about Porky's?
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No pro. I know of some other sites I just gotta remember and look.


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