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The Avengers and Batman 3 in the same year. The end times indeed. Obviously, I'm joking.
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Ok, "Avatar" entering the conversation is beside the point. They don't compare. Judge a film based on the merits of the filmmaker, not on the broader associations with other movies you happen to like.

James Cameron has been around for a while but hadn't been above water long enough to make a big-budget Hollywood action-orgy for about a decade. Christopher Nolan, in that time, has made exceptional leaps and bounds in the industry all while bringing a certain level of thoughtful artistic integrity with him.

Everyone knows James Cameron's name. You can't say the same for Christopher Nolan. On the ground, mention Nolan's name and I bet you'll have to speak the words "the guy who directed The Dark Knight" at least once.

Cameron's movies are not as cerebral as Nolan's. Nolan's movies are not as visual effects driven as Cameron's. "Avatar" was a long awaited return. Make no mistake. The movie made money because of Cameron's name. The boys remembered "The Terminator" and the girls remembered "Titanic". That is inbuilt broad appeal. You don't get more mainstream than James Cameron.

Meanwhile Nolan's name in of itself is not a name that draws audiences outside of devoted and more discerning audience goers. The new Batman films introduced a broader audience to Nolan. Make no mistake, the Batman brand brought people to the theater. The fact that both films were excellent is almost an immaterial.

Some of us already knew and loved Nolan when "Memento" was still in theaters but not most of us. It is a prerequisite then to remind everybody that "Inception" was written and directed by "the guy who made The Dark Knight".

I grew up on movie directors like Cameron but I am learning from filmmakers like Nolan.
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I just saw this thing and the new trailer is astonishing!
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Thanks. The more I hear from the cast and crew the more excited I get. "Caprica" should be quite an odyssey.


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