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It might be a wig.. but seriously tho, Whats wrong with his hand?? lol
Please bring GIANT MAN! Please! At least do it in avengers 3!
Bill Murray should be their boss
Cosmo the dog and howard the duck team up with rocket raccoon ! Imagine that
This is how it goes:

Top Marvel movies 1. AVENGERS 2. Guardians 3. Captain America 2 4. Iron Man 2 5. HULK(2003)

Exactly!-- @Brizzy Those roles and how he executes the acting in it are perfect..and are my favorite of his personally.. but maybe he will kill it and the vibe of this movie wont be kiddy or anything...nothing weak.. be a hardcore werewolf
He shouldn't do it
Johnny depp as a wolf could work , but he needs to pick more diverse roles instead of all this weirdness
Amazing cast !
One of the best trailers this year, and alllll of Nolan's trailers are epic. Then when you see the movie it's never a disappointment. One of the Top director of all time
They should do one ! With a good villain @therealGoku
AWESOME! Childhood memories from the duck movie lol funny stuff
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Do GIANT MAN next ! Please!!
That was an amazing tease !
Stop talking crap! Everyone looks great! Quicksilver is gonna be awesome and the VISION! WOW! So hype and ready... Joss Whedon is a genius
Just awesome
What happened to john cusack!!?