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stop talking about doing it and do it i dont know why they are waiting to do this movie come up with the money and cast holy
Dizman19 wrote a comment about the news item First Official The Expendables Images Arrive
cant wait til 2010 it'll be a long wait to see see this movie
Dizman19 wrote a comment about the news item New Photo of Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body
I cant wait for this film hopfully it does well. Just so you all know the nude scenes are fake she'll be wearing pasties
OMG OMG OMG Newkill i said your dissing sucks wow i come up with great disses but i choose not because im not pissed off at the moment. Anyway Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen cant wait its going to blow the roof off its couple minutes later i believe. So yeah I cant wait for transformers and terminator 4.
Anyway I am done and i am out later people
wow thats it your only two years older then me and thats all you come up with wow I am amazed like i said your dissing sucks. if you think Dragonball sucks then why are they going to make a sequel?
Dragonball Evolution was good but the last 15 minutes was lame. Also Transformers 2 is gonna be off the chain and newkill man your dissing SUCKS!!
you know what ever i dont spend my free time ranting on movies and talking sh*t about directors,producers or celebs
Wow you are so bad at dissing
Newkill why do you hate speilberg so much?
Wow you do hate good movies and the people who direct or produce them
Wow newkill must really hate spielberg to say that he probly doesnt know a good movie when he see's it.
The guy on the top is Fallen I have no idea who the other guy the other guy is Ravage and the Tank is Megatron bc i heard a rumor that he's a tank.
Dizman19 wrote a comment about the news item Megan Fox to Get Angelic for Passion Plays
Does she have time to do bc she's doing Jonah hex and Fathom how does she have time for this?
2009 is the year for action films
Dizman19 wrote a comment about the news item Is Ryan Gosling the Green Lantern?
Im a big Fan of The Green Lantern of Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner and I thin Gosling will ruin the charactor that is Hal Jordan.
Dizman19 wrote a comment about the news item Vin Diesel and Rob Cohen Return for XXX
they should bring in Ice Cube to that would rock
Dizman19 wrote a comment about the news item Terminator: Salvation Teaser Trailer Is Here!
I thought they just began filming?
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