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dille 101
im back :D it's been a couple years
dille 101 is now Friends with CUPID
GK   »  dille 101
Hello. Remember me? Looks like you've haven't been on for a while. Well talk to you when your on...
  • 2 years... wow, it feels like it's been forever since ive been on lol so how are you?
Lone Wolf   »  dille 101
Hey there. Remember me? Sorry I haven't talked to you for a while, I've just been real bust these past few months. How are you?
  • its been a couple years lol, how have you been?
mcesenas   »  dille 101
hey, how have u been? i havnt talked to u in a long time
Diaigma   »  dille 101
I'm late saying this, but thanks for the add. I just updated my page. Check it out :)
  • dille 101 gave it 4.0 stars

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IndyJones   »  dille 101
hey cutie wats going on havent talked in a bit...actually lets make that forever. miss ya
mcesenas   »  dille 101
mine was pretty cool, so what r u gonna do for Christmas?
mcesenas   »  dille 101
thanx, so how was ur weekend?
GK   »  dille 101
I've been good in the passed months.How you doing?
mcesenas   »  dille 101
no offense but its really personal and complicated
and thanx i would really like some ramen after all u still owe me some lol
so how have u been? i really miss talking to u
it stinks that cathreine hardwicke isnt shooting the next movie, but peter facinelli rocks, he is a cool actor! really good interview,
its long but good!
♥ I love twilight! ♥
dille 101 wrote a comment about the news item Catherine Hardwicke Will Not Direct New Moon
dude she is an amazing director so the next new moon movie isnt
going to be good since shes not directing!
>_< really sad for catherince hardwicke!!!
GK   »  dille 101
i'm not mad at you by the way.
mcesenas   »  dille 101
im not mad at u, ive just been through alot these past months. i havnt even been on this site for a while, how have u been though?
GK   »  dille 101
did you leave this site or what?