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lets see
i think they should green light this...jane would b perfect becuz of da freedom netflix allows
ocean master yes i can see this role for him...bad ass
fukn idiots...who cares i've been out of buying comics since 97
i love this guy true to da character...@titanictom yur a dick!!!
yes there fukn idiots lol
fake fake fake....
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trash has so many shares...boyhood lovers lol
i dont believe it...
@lazerdude i agree wit u
@undeadslayer4 dude is a str8 dick...but im pass that wats good wit u?
@lazerdude i have no problem with your opinion, but don't sh*t on the best adaptation of a comic book character ever made..batman has no super powers but true wit and skills and nolan showed you all that in his series..but yet some ppl forget this, this is not da avengers where almost everything in it is cgi and i agree wit @childofharlem
bitch @michael kolesik i'm a grown ass man player..yur point of view sucks i said shut da FUK UP P*SSY!!!!
@Klaux i agree but we'll see how it goes
i agree @darkdream
@lazerdude ....FUK GOTG!!!!!! sh*t was wack not a tru comic book movie but a fukn family made comic movie..u fukn fanboy lol
@CoreyB i feel u and agree wit u...till vaughn gets a billion dollar movie under his belt he needs to shut da fuk up lol
bitch nigga watch yo mouth p*ssy!!!!!!! @michael kolesik, i was typing fast bitch f*ck u and matthew vaughn
i truly fukn agree wit u @coryB...
i da fuk he think he speaks for da tru comic book fans??? ppl have been sick of cornball ass comic movies and nolan's dark knight trillogy wasn't da first success for dark comic films blade 1 & 2 were pefecetion so fuk vaughn and truly fuk gotg fukn tru trash