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Dfella504 wrote a comment about the news item The Flash Season 2 Will Introduce Wally West
noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! not yet
no t*ts, no muscle, no nothing..still passing on her
u guys it's a critic site for us to voice our opinions, sum of agree wit others most of us don't...its all about our opininos period
Dfella504 wrote a comment about the news item Does Daredevil Tie Into Avengers and Civil War?
shut da fuk up @instead8909
fuk em all dude they just mad they movies aint on sh*t at da box office like in da past they gotta move on...comic movies are da new action films with more interest from young to old we love it fuk da oscors period
if u cant take da heat get out da fukn kitchen lol
i agree wit @Toxic
lol i agree...looks bad ass i trust in zack period
i agree
Dfella504 wrote a comment about the news item X-Men: Apocalypse Art Reveals A Massive Spaceship
ok ok ok let's show em again
i feel u @thedude1 but marvel got real lucky thats all..they have a few garbage films under ther belt..dc has only made money off there big two movie wise, but giving da chance and hearing out sum of ther fans idea's would help a lil, but hey like i said i support both companys.
he's a fukn idiot...wolverine is over a hundred years old..hugh is perfect for on screen he looks da same so it works
Dfella504 wrote a comment about the news item Deadpool Will Feature X-Men Character Colossus
he's part of da fukn x-universe dick @monkeyiron 2.0 ...i fukn truly hate fanboyz...
i truly agree wit @thedude1 i'm a true fan of both companys since i was like 12 i love everything that where getting i never imagined this would be possible seeing all da games, movies, cartoons, animated films etc...let's just keep it coming true comic fans will always support
Dfella504 wrote a comment about the news item John Wick 2 Is Being Planned
john was da shiit!!!!!!!!! yes give us more..a true plus
lets see
i think they should green light this...jane would b perfect becuz of da freedom netflix allows