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come on i need at least 20 mins..and a r rating
the best show i've ever seen in my life on tv period!!!!!!!!!!
MB is one of da tru director gods out action director period nda last 20 years
i think it would show respect..
let's get it
i kind of agree wit @ed_wood it's jus missing a few things
stop fukn talkn so much...wait and see
fuk kevin feige....
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Dfella504 wrote a comment about the news item Dwayne Johnson Is Black Adam in Shazam!
shut da fuk up...fanboys...he can't fuk it up its all about who wrote da script and who's directing
can da bs...da x franchise is one of da fukn best series in comic cinema period..everybody jus forgot about that..since gabage like gotg a family film not a tru comic related movie..they jus ship on da x-men
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shut da fuk up @jonspidey07 anyhow snipes is blade period no stuntman doing most of his fighting scenes...but if this happens i'm all for it to bad del toro is very busy doing other projects would love to see his new take on this...but they can still talk wit da first director
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crap...this is gonna b str8 bs movie
thank god...
ka2 was fukn great movie period...half da fuks who seen that keep sh*tn it aren't even kickass fans...never read da fukn comics...they just don't no sh*t but always sh*tn on da i say fuk U!!!!! bring on ka3
fuk kevin feige period he bitch made man...he gives no fuk about da x-men franchise as a whole, movie's, animation, toys, fuk kevin feige keep milking da avengers and da rest of da b list heroes....
lol real classy...thats wats up
fukn awsome...let's get it cracking
looks kool..
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i str8 agree wit @a7sus4...fukn terrible casting on her part..but at least amy fine as hell lbvs..