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he needs to go away. Fast.
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Hmmmm I don't see this as "OMG THIS IS RETARDED" calm down people. For one thing at least they got a hell of an actor. This guy did a great job in "Chronicle" and he was outstanding in "Friday Night Lights" the television show. The persona he gives in Chronicle could fit well with Johnny Storm. The whole relation to Sue Storm is what's bothering me. I don't have a problem at all if this guy is casted.
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@eddie don't like it? Don't comment.
I like the clip but that music is so eh....
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@Trangalanga10 I think you're pushing it with the best actress and best actor nominations. I just don't see it happening. You're right on with the rest though. Best visual's going to have a tough time against "Oblivion" and "Star Trek into darkness"
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My god. The music, the acting, the writing all alone in this scene is EPIC
Chekov wearing a red shirt? Yeah I have a feeling he's gonna die.
I blame the editing of Oblivion and the script. Michael Arndt the man who will helm Star Wars episode 7 helped write it....good lord....I enjoyed the film mostly thanks to Tom Cruise's performance, the visuals and the music.
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I keep thinking this would fit better for "Univeral" lol....
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to put "A Spike Lee joint" over the title is I'd prefer to watch Spike Lee at every single Knicks game lmao
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forever will I see him as Carl from "Ghost".....still waiting for a great performance by him..
the darkest hour?? He wrote that???? Stop him. PLEASE.
seems like a B-List cast and a straight to dvd this movie should be.
the suit is hunchback and large, giving it the reason why it's called Igor...
does anyone know who Igor even is? Igor is the hunchback help to Victor or watch the movies people
Jeez this list is terrible.......
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@youngrizo I don't think so.....I've been a fan of Transformers since G1. Have you seen the animated "Transformers: the movie" that came out 1986? That actually and sadly had better writing then all of the three films directed by Bay.

As @dan said, less humans. People can connect with the aliens if you give them a strong backbone. If they have that, the movie can stand. Sadly, action is not enough to carry the entirety of it. Transformers 1 was close to establishing that. Now those writers, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have wrote for the ingenious 2009 Star Trek film and the much anticipated follow-up and by the looks of it, has action, great dialogue, great chemistry-that is a true strong blockbuster. That is something Transformers desperately needs and people say it cannot be done because it's just about two warring alien races-it can.