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@jasonkat I doubt recasting due to Gadot having signed up for three films. Let's all give her a chance first before tearing her apart because somehow a woman having "small boobs" means she can never play Wonder Woman. This is a totally new perspective on the character. It's not the ONLY perspective.
@sean that is just dumb reasoning at best. "Bigger boobs". It is a grittier adaptation of the DC cinematic universe (keep in mind the word adaptation) it's a different perspective of the character. Honestly, if that is your ONLY reason why you are against this casting that is just dumb.
And when I mean boobs, I mean huge ones that can obviously distract the audience, being that it consists of horny fanboys unfortunately
@sean "Literally and physically" what?? Think about it. This is a serious, darker, pretty much grittier take on the DC universe. Wonder Woman does not need "boobs" here and honestly she does not require it in the comics as well. Also, you're judging Gadot when the movie comes out two years from now. No footage has been seen and this is a work in progress for her. Common sense man.
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@sean dude, he may look young, but Eisenberg is 30 years old, a few months older than Henry Cavill. One role in "The Social Network" does not make him a serious actor to you? Before "Breaking Bad" came along no one even knew about Bryan Cranston. Mark Strong has been the baddie in "Kick-Ass", played Sinestro in "Green Lantern". It does not matter about how many roles, it only matters on how the actor will pull it off. We just have to wait and see.
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Daveactor7 gave this a Thumbs Up
people need to stop crying about castings and let us see. There have been more great castings than bad ones. Michael Keaton as Bats, Christian Bale as Bats, Daniel Craig as Bond, Henry Cavill as Superman, Heath Ledger as the Joker-stop crying until we see the DAMN performance.
I love this casting choice. All these are aspects she can bring to the character! I'm going to judge her performance later on however as EVERYONE SHOULD
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why are people so damn ignorant? Give her a chance. Use common sense she is playing an amazonian warrior princess they will have her hit the gym. Also, she was in the Israeli army for two years. She CAN act. Is she great? That can be debatable but damn film audiences and fanboys piss me off nowadays...
@caifa how about you see the film first instead of judging it? This is no way near twilight and it is a superb film. Do continue cussing cause it certainly make you look intelligent.
@evilwhitemale you are judging a movie and a performance coming out in two years time. Your mindset is stuck a decade ago. Don't judge till you SEE it
I don't mean to sound like a douchebag but the ignorance just proves how truly retarded film audiences are nowadays.
what is with the ignorance below me? Did you kids not learn from Heath Ledger, Henry Cavill, Daniel Craig, Michael Keaton, Christian Bale?
"Pretend this isn't going to suck" oh I'm sorry-pass that link to piratebay to me, I've been dying to see a movie that came out in 2015.
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why am I not tagged? >=(
lol jking besides that- I agree, this was great!
What are you talking about, "The Wolverine" was actually pretty good.