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"World Wide Best Seller" huh, it is a good thing the Mormon church is a 'world wide' church or this would not have even been a NATIONAL best seller.
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Wow, Spidey continues the fall to the inevitable FACE-PLANT.

Didn't like 1, liked 2 less, haven't seen 3, by choice.

Show me another trilogy that has decreased in box office showing as greatly as Spider-Man and I'll give you a cookie...

p.s. can't be done!
I love Darth Maul, I mean Ray Park. I was hoping he would be Storm Shadow, but as Snake Eyes he will still be GREAT!
Sc*m bags.
This will be good! I have to find a way to get off work on August 15th.
Go "The Tolkien Trust".
Newline Dirtbags!
Brian   »  darthboromir
Thanks for adding me!
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Ray Park is AWESOME, I would have preferred for him to be Storm Shadow, since he is ALSO my favorite, but just the fact that he is in this move will make it great.
I think it is funny that this is so confusing.

The story above tries to tell us about the Clone Wars animated series but the final 3 paragraphs refer to the Live Action Series.

The Clone Wars WILL have the main characters from the prequel trilogy. See here for CORRECT info:
The first video here is the trailer for the Clone Wars series and you can see ANAKIN, OBI-WAN, PADME....

Need I say more...
Looking forward to the next one!

(There WILL be another one.)
CUPID   »  darthboromir
has u can see transformers is my only fav for 07 nothing else.
CUPID   »  darthboromir
ok so fav of the year so fare
CUPID   »  darthboromir
so what kind of movies r u into.
CUPID   »  darthboromir
whats up.
Star Wars IS forever!
Can't Wait!
Ok this movie is good. NO WAY it hits 400 million. It will be lucky to get 300 million.
That 'record' thingy is a load of bull. The precious and STILL record holder for midnight showing is REVENGE OF THE SITH with over $16 Million. Let's get our numbers right here, thanks.


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