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Wow and it runs in at 2hrs 50 minutes too
@k.Guy 3hrs would be nice or maybe even longer I wouldn't mind
It would make sense for a sh*tty horror film to come out on top so close to Halloween but that's what the general public want to see.... My vote and most of you guys here will go see John wick
The only thing that was good that came from schumachers batman films was Tommy Lee Jones as twoface and Jim Carrey as the riddler....I mean the lines they wrote for tommy lee Jones at the beginning of batman forever were brilliant
Davidsons directing credits are great
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Omg that was epic
Sweet I love the grateful dead, touch of grey is a great song
Norton is f*cked up and most likely upset that he did not return lol
I can see a teaser I. Front of the hobbit
Can't wait it looks amazing
Depp looks like a gangster wolf lol
Holy sh*t that looks good
Are you f*cking kidding me
Awesome I can't wait for the justice league I perfer DC over marvel
I'll pass on this one
I'll pass on this one
I knew fury would come out on top I mean it was f*cking amazing
Yes cast her as robin in a tight little outfit all eyes will be on her
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Best movie coming out for 2015
If done right this movie is going to kick ass