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Hell yes and it would be even better to see Jeremy renner return as Aaron cross
Can't wait
darkdream wrote a comment about the news item James Cameron May Shoot Avatar Sequels at 120 FPS
Three more of these f*cking movies
Really no good deed sucked
darkdream wrote a comment about the news item Walking Dead Season 5 Character Portraits
I hope they kill off Glenn this season he is a f*cking twat
Now that's a f*cking action flick, and glad to see reeves back
@undeadslayer4 cause people get old or they take drugs or commit suicide it's just part of life
No I did not lmao and I do t care cause the underworld movies are a f*cking joke, for emo kids only folks lol
So they are continuing underworld and rebooting it as well
Lmao awesome
@ObiWanShinobi haha true that
Remember ppl it's set 30 years after return of the Jedi so maybe chewbacca and Han Solo lost it to gambling problems or sh*t
WTF, just drop this nightmare I mean ghostbusters 2 was sh*tty
Ok now the massive machine gun on top is indicated that batman is finally going to kill people lol
@saiyan I know I just put a comment on here and I agree with you it is very possible that Andrew could be playing Spider-Man for the rest of career which would be awesome cause there would be no reboots and we would see a lot of villain
It would be great to see Andrew play Spider-Man for 4 more films but it will never happen he will get bored playing the same character
@dess people in general are never happy and spewing there bs as you say it, just happens to be the world that every f*cking piece of sh*t including myself turned it into so yes I will say my bullsh*t with you and every other c*nt on this site cause that's what we do
Wonder if all the racist sh*t will be the movie since Walt Disney didn't like Jews and he was a pervert


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