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This looks awesome
F*ck.... This what they said about Thor 2 and captain America 2 and they both sucked
F*ck this guy
This film was worth seeing
Am excited to see Dwayne Johnson and Ian mcshane together on screen
This could bring back Adam Sadler
I grew up watching goosebumps so am down to seeing this
@thedude1 I agree with you he has lost his touch in my opinion the devils rejects was his best work, but Halloween 2 and lords of Salem were utter crap
Looks like crap
Quicksilver looks like a dork
darkdream wrote a comment about the news item Tarzan Synopsis Released as Shooting Begins
Sounds good
As long as she is hot and wearing a skimpy outfit am game
Building up to reveal the joker sounds awesome
If it's anything like django unchained am there
Even if it did who cares ppl will download the film and I couldn't care less
Dawn of the planet of the apes was 100 times better then transformers 4 in my opinion
Holy f*ck sony just hire new writers there's plenty and maybe this will be good
@Mieko_Siede I couldn't of said it better lol
darkdream wrote a comment about the news item Is This Our First Look at the Joker in Gotham?
Bring the joker in its been enough time for someone else to be the joker it's been like 7 years since Heath died R.I.P
@mieko_siede I agree with you about this movie, @richgamer150 don't know what the f*ck he is talking about I mean mark wahlbergs version is different from James Franco's version by far plus mark did not get replaced since planet of the apes came out in 2001 and it sucked and 20 century fox did not want to continue with Tim Burton's vision so it is a reboot and it's very good, plus transformers 4 sucked so bad I demanded my money back after seeing it


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