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When rob zombie did the first one we all were that was awesome and had high hopes for the second but man rob must of been on LSD cause there was no direction in that film at all it was all f*cked up and stupid so I don't care about the next chapter cause how you recover from the last film is beyond me
When it comes to action packed spy films pierce brosnan is the man for the job and I agree with @Brizzy
Just picked this up, awesome film
Not to worried about this news, resident evil needs to be rebooted and done right
This is awesome news hot fuzz and the worlds end were fantastic
darkdream wrote a comment about the news item Sylvester Stallone Plans to Shoot Rambo 5 Next
It better be rated R I mean I understand he wanted the expendables to be more young adult friendly but this is f*cking Rambo has to have lots of blood like Rambo 4 did I mean when he ripped that guys throat out that was awesome
F*ck that let's see black widow get naked
Omg that was horrible
Love the soundtrack
darkdream wrote a comment about the news item Michael Bay Doesn't Want to Direct Transformers 5
Thanks goodness this is great news, not for ghee transformers films cause they lick balls, no this is good cause now bay can move onto something else like bad boys 3 or another film like pain and gain
R.i.p the king of comedy, I will always cherish your role in insomnia
That looks awesome shredder looks badass
I hope jack sparrow song is there
Josh brolin
Josh broiling fits thanos really good, but lee pace did an awesome job as Ronan
John-Rhys Davies is supposed to be dead, that's what the paper said two years ago
Hobbit and that's it
darkdream wrote a comment about the news item 9 DC Comics Movie Release Dates Announced
Look what these superhero films are doing to you guys, they are just films it's not like the world is ending....... Yet.
When is someone gonna get rid of Sony they are f*cking everything up


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