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Are you f*cking kidding me
Awesome I can't wait for the justice league I perfer DC over marvel
I'll pass on this one
I'll pass on this one
I knew fury would come out on top I mean it was f*cking amazing
Yes cast her as robin in a tight little outfit all eyes will be on her
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Best movie coming out for 2015
If done right this movie is going to kick ass
Omg that looks amazing
Step aside gone girl.... Fury will come out on top
Sweet Frank Grillo is returning in cap 3
I have to see it to believe it cause he said that about Iron man 3 and that was total bullsh*t of a movie
Everything sounds good except for Ian mcshane returning wtf he died in the last film
Rocksteady, bebop and the shredder with the purple Cape look amazing
Gillian Anderson in ghostbusters, hell yes she is smoking hot
The twisted twins are awesome and this painkiller Jane sounds badass
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I didn't know that was lee pace, he did an awesome job in guardians playing Rowan
If they do resident evil as a tv show they better do it exactly like the games.... It would be a dream come true if each season was based off of each game starting with resident evil zero and stopping at resident evil 6
Sounds very interesting and who better then Tom Cruise