DARKBREATHER rated the movie Superman Returns
  • DARKBREATHER gave it 2.5 stars

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good job
DARKBREATHER rated the movie Ghost Rider
  • DARKBREATHER gave it 1.5 stars

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I agree with U, But why the hell did u give it 3 stars?
  • DARKBREATHER gave it 3.5 stars

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  • DARKBREATHER gave it 3.0 stars

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I added an update to my The Dark Knight review at the bottom, I added what I expect from the DVD as Special Features. Looking for feedback if you want to check it out.
Hey if you come to my page right now I have the "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" trailer from Comic-Con 2008. They deleted the last one within a few days, so better watch it while you can! I'm just getting the word out to all my friends, thanks.
DARKBREATHER rated the movie The Godfather
  • DARKBREATHER gave it 5.0 stars

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Thanks for the request. Nice pic by the way. So what's your favorite movie? Quite obvious of what mine is. Are you into "Alien" or "Predator"?
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great review, thanx man
xoxok101   »  DARKBREATHER
Thanks for adding me to your friends list!
DARKBREATHER reviewed the movie Everyone's Hero

"a wonderful hero movie from a real superhero"
DARKBREATHER wrote a comment about the movie Masters of the Universe
It's going to be CGI, like TMNT
DARKBREATHER reviewed the movie Off the Black

sorry to disagree, but what the hell did you think it,s amazing about this horrible movie.
DARKBREATHER wrote a comment about CBF's Review of Iron Man
I have to agree with Zombieflix, the other problem in the movie was the characters, You cant feel they r alive and real, and you cant get any feelings from most of them, the story was little weak, but still a good entertaining movie
sorry to disagree with u but how can any one call ghost rider a nice movie, its the dumbest movie ever.
DARKBREATHER wrote a comment about the movie Stephen King's The Mist
good movie, I liked the characters, its amazing how ppl act in times of fear, the ending was great and painfull, it's just how its supposed to be, the only thing I didnt like was Tom Jane, he was not perfect for the role