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systemof9191   »  Dark_888
hi whats up?
RingWraither   »  Dark_888
wuts up man?
moviedirector88   »  Dark_888
hey man, thanx for the pic! If I am not misstaken that is spawn with a a helmet?
Really nice picture.
Spawn is one of my favorite cartoons!
Vamp   »  Dark_888
Awesome, thanks.
Ferzav   »  Dark_888
I prefer the original version of Magneto, but this is cool.
BlizZzario, Bizniches   »  Dark_888
Nice Magneto

NadaAlmashat   »  Dark_888
hiizZ,, hw r u??
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The First Avenger: JohnnyBlaze   »  Dark_888
Awsome avatar bub
Ferzav   »  Dark_888
Hey man, nothing new. Im been busy lately, so I can't check the site frecuently.

But I will try to stay in touch.
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RingWraither   »  Dark_888
not much sup with you?
Psycho   »  Dark_888
So any thing new?
cool man