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313td   »  Dark_888
ShoeLove   »  Dark_888
not much just got back from shopping,who's the guy on your picture? Im geussing hes a comic book character
Mr.Rated-R   »  Dark_888
nun, just chilln,
WiseGuy   »  Dark_888
nothing much. what about you.
see any good movies lately.
David-Dvd-1988   »  Dark_888
Thanks for the add......any news?
313td   »  Dark_888
Thanks for the add.Whaz up?
Shelley   »  Dark_888
Thanks for the add. Are you on here very often?
realy cool
Dark_888 wrote a comment about Punisher: War Zone: Trailer
Oli   »  Dark_888
Thanks for the pic man. Sorry I didn't comment back sooner. Looking forward to any movies?
The First Avenger: JohnnyBlaze   »  Dark_888
awsome avatar bub whats it from?
hollywood_pie   »  Dark_888
hi whats up?
BlizZzario, Bizniches   »  Dark_888
No problem
RingWraither   »  Dark_888
seen any good movies lately?
Angie   »  Dark_888
how do i get a background for my page>?