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Angie   »  Dark_888
how do i get a background for my page>?
Angie   »  Dark_888
nm bored in school u
_*NaT*_   »  Dark_888
Thanx 4 the add...
How u doin??
Do u do weed??
I <3 WEED!!!!!
Nat xx
sweetytots   »  Dark_888
hello! thanks for the picture comment :O)
Rongo   »  Dark_888
Lol, Now if you look anything like Harry Potter then I would have to say, I not only like you...But loooove you.
Evil Resident   »  Dark_888
Hey thanks for the add keep in touch
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Rongo   »  Dark_888
Hey, hows it going? Sorry I havent been in for awhile, I've started work, so my time has been limited just of late, thanks for the pic...
ShadowfoxSC   »  Dark_888
no problem thx for the awesome comment.
_*NaT*_   »  Dark_888
How u doin??
I am fairly bored atm...
Gunna go have a cone lol... cya
Nat xx
systemof9191   »  Dark_888
hi whats up?
RingWraither   »  Dark_888
wuts up man?
moviedirector88   »  Dark_888
hey man, thanx for the pic! If I am not misstaken that is spawn with a a helmet?
Really nice picture.
Spawn is one of my favorite cartoons!
Vamp   »  Dark_888
Awesome, thanks.
Ferzav   »  Dark_888
I prefer the original version of Magneto, but this is cool.
BlizZzario, Bizniches   »  Dark_888
Nice Magneto

NadaAlmashat   »  Dark_888
hiizZ,, hw r u??
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