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@gandoff Yeah, pretty sure they only one The Avengers movie playing lol. Like i said - to ME, it seemed at times to be Iron man and his sidekicks.
@ejk1 Thumbs up. Spoken like a true film fan.
Ruffalo did quite well. He seemed to me a man who was simmering just below the surface, using most of his energy to keep The Hulk at bay. His line about his secret made a lot of sense to me.
@Joshua-Hollaway It was rather telling that Jon Favreau was a producer on The Avengers, but Joe Johnson and Kenneth Branagh weren't....just sayin'. Yeah, the sequel needs to have far more actual Avengers in it, and less Ironman. Sure he's awesome, but he's not invincible and, let's face it, Thor's a freaking GOD (not a DEMI-God, Whedon) and Cap's as fresh as a daisy after a 70 year catnap. So why Ironman is treated like the King of Kings is beyond me.
@thedude-abides The Avengers movie actually makes me think better of the individual movies. It was a *tad* too much Ironman-centric for me. At times it felt like it was an Ironman movie with the rest of the Avengers there in case he needed some witty repartee. The sequel needs more Thor and Captain America. Oh, and really Whedon? Imax AND 3D and not ONE shot of a shirtless Chris Evans? What the F, man.
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Love John C, but lost interest in Alex Cross projects when they cast Tyler Perry. Tyler. Perry. as Alex Cross. I mean, come on. when they booted Idris Elba from the project - HUGE mistake. He was perfect for it.
@ejk1 Legally, they have to refund, replace or re-screen - even if it means adding an extra, unscheduled screening. They don't get to sell movie tickets and then refuse to honour the "contract".
@ejk1 - they're refunding/replacing though, right? Sunday's not too bad.
@Joshua-Hollaway - Oh he's just a child who obviously doesn't know the definition of "hypocrite".
@ejk1 - aww, you boys are just too sweet to me.

On another note - whaa?? Do you get another screening, or a ticket replacement? when are you seeing it now?

In the end, I'm paying to see ALL these movies and I don't care which one earns what or which is "better" (whatever the yardstick for that may be). I just want to see those f'ing Twilight movies moved DOWN the records charts...
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@Joshua-Hollaway - it's weird. I don't recall having the name "superman81" in any of my comments, but he felt free to comment on them and involve himself. I say you can mention anyone you want in any post you please. And once it's on a public board, feel free to post away on someone else's business...
@narrator @Joshua-Hollaway - lol, yeah you're both right. Logic and common sense are useless on some people. "stay the f*ck out of everyone's business" is AWESOME. As if he A. speaks for everyone and B. once something's on a public board - pretty much public business. Also, strangely I don't recall even addressing any of my posts towards him but, BOY, talk about not being about to mind your own business - he should look in the mirror.

NARRATOR!!! Some of the boys found me on Facebook and now us cool kids have our own MW place over there. Come join us - I miss "talking" with you!!
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Wasn't interested in this at all - until I saw the Imax 3D trailer last night at an Avengers MS. Looked GREAT. Possibly another MS I'll be chalking up this year...
So - ooh so you spent money on a ticket - still doesn't account for the whole "my movie will do better than your movie" bullsh*t. Nice attempt at trying to explain the preschool-ish arguments going on. And I'm not sure that the 3 or 4 or posts today, over the entire COURSE of how long I've been on MW can account for "sticking" my opinion in a "whole hell of a lot". But nice try, big spender. And I'll avoid MW or NOT avoid MW whenever however I f*cking please.
Uh, nobody wants to see Nolan or TDKR fail.
TDKR "will own" this movie. Again, who cares? Why do you guys take this sh*t so personally? The Avengers did GREAT. It broke TDK Midnight record - so "barely" or not, what does it matter? It broke it. Period. Who CARES which one makes more money, or which one hits 300 first, or 500 or a billion? THEY'RE NOT YOUR MOVIES! It's like a f*cking kindergarten in here. No wonder I avoid this place like the black plague.
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Because Brits, Aussie, Kiwis and the rest of the world write a date as : day/month/year.

They obviously finished this draft on the 5th of February.

Anything else you need help with, bright spark?
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Trailer made perfect sense to me...
  • Cyn gave it 4.5 stars

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I don't understand why it's important compare movies, or worry about which of them will make more money. Just watch the damn things and enjoy them ALL. "oooh TDKR will make WAY more money when it comes out.. blah blah". Who gives a sh*t - it's not like any of us have a stake in the financial outcomes. People seem to take this so personally - "My movie will make more than your movie."