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Avengers 3 I think will be the end to the charm of the Marvel Studios movies. Because it will Robert Downey Jr last movie as Iron Man and Chris Evans last movie as Cap and it's just not same without out Steve Rogers and Tony Stark.
I think it's one of the biggest disappointments that your going to make Hank Pym a 60/70 year old guy he's one of my favorite characters in Marvel and seems like there gonna a Mask of Zorro thing which worked for that movie but I don't believe it work for this because Hank Pym is Ant Man not Scott Lang never liked that character.
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This is a million times dumber then Ben being cast as Batman very disappointed Hank Pym is one of my favorite characters in Marvel & it seems there really just setting up Scott Lang as the Ant-Man of the future Marvel movies which sucks dick.
I wonder if will see Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Paul Rudd put the beat down on Rashida Jones? lol
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I've have always been a fan of Bruce. & Diana as love interests but I seriously doubt Wonder Woman will introduced into the movie universe as Bruce Wayne's girlfriend.
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OK well I won't be seeing this sh*tty movie thanks a lot Snyder for ruining one of my dream movies
The Spook's Apprentice
Loved movie & can't believe a sequel will come out next year. Really hoping the do Brainiac as the next villain
There doesn't need to be another Iron Man movie as long as he's in the Avengers movies that's good enough because I can't imagine anyone else playing Tony Stark. Robert Downy Jr is that character in every way
If there is another Hulk movie I want the smart Hulk from The Avengers I am so tired of the dumb brute Hulk.
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Been really looking forward to seeing the trailer for this movie can't wait
@ghostman That's why you see him vanish at the end of the 1st movie I can see him coming in at the very end of this movie & setting Cap 3
It's obvious they don't understand who these characters are just like in the Daredevil movie with the Kingpin. The Kingpins character is a rich power hungry White guy & in the movie he was Black & while Michael Clarke Duncan was a great actor it didn't matter because that's not who that character was meant to be.

It works with Nick Fury because there basically doing the Ultimate Universe & in that Universe he is black so it's established.
This is a touchy subject but this is the reason why Fox needs to loose the rights to FF. We will never get a good FF movie until Marvel get's it back.
The obvious answer to this is Ultron but he has to be created by Pym so it can't be Ultron. & Galactacus & Doom still have the taint of the FF movies so there out.

Kang The Conqueror is the only real big Avengers villain left which could be cool but you'd could be dealing with alternate realities which might fly over audiences heads.
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The animation looks really good.
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This looks good but I do wish we could start getting other DC character's for movies other then Batman & Superman & every now & then a Justice League. I wish we could get old school Teen Titans or Geoff Johns TT. Or Doctor Fate,Green Arrow,Buster Gold. Something other than Sup's & Batman.
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This one actually looks good. Very surprised they made another one & at least Annabeth is actually blonde in this one.
Please let this be true I've wanted for so long to have En Sabah Nur in a movie I just hope they don't F'up
This movie will suck I'm a giant Turtles fan & there has been nothing about this movie so far that says this will be good. Quit ruining my childhood memories M Bay


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