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Molemanjoop   »  Crunkvillesista(cvs)
Likewise. So whats up ? u on here now ?
scream67   »  Crunkvillesista(cvs)
hi how are you doing today.and are going to go see saw5 this friday.
hellraiser   »  Crunkvillesista(cvs)
Thanks for the add!
Lone Wolf   »  Crunkvillesista(cvs)
Yeah, it does suck that he is gone.
Lone Wolf   »  Crunkvillesista(cvs)
Not much is new here. I've seen "The Dark Knight" twice already and I just love it. You should definitley check it out. What wouldyou say is your favorite part in "Hankc*ck"? Mine is the train scene.
Lone Wolf   »  Crunkvillesista(cvs)
Hey there. Anything new with you? Have you seen "The Dark Knight" yet? I just saw "Hanc*ck" yesterday. I really liked it. I can't remeber, but I think you said you've seen it already.
joeygirl   »  Crunkvillesista(cvs)
Hey there Sista..wanted to wish you a great rest of the weekend. Saw The Dark Knight yesterday...LOVED IT!! Stay cool and keep in touch..Have a fab week
scream67   »  Crunkvillesista(cvs)
hi you look beautiful in your red hat.
scream67   »  Crunkvillesista(cvs)
hello crunevillesta(cvs)"s how your summer going so far.
dang, i shuda have been in dis can't wait to see it :D
lol can't wait to see it
lmao...dang..this gone be funny
I can't wait to see this!!!!!!! lol
lmao..wat da hell
Lone Wolf   »  Crunkvillesista(cvs)
Oh, yeah. Those fairies always kinda stunted me, because they were animated so well. I'm gonna have to watch that film again sometime soon. And since you have there photo up, I'm assuming you've seen this movie, but you have the chipmunks on your page. I just saw that recently. I thought it was really good, It has been a while since they made a good movie about animals.
this is a must see, like all his other movies
Lone Wolf   »  Crunkvillesista(cvs)
I've been pretty good, thank you for asking. Yeah I've seen most the big films so far, "Iron Man", "Indiana Jones", "Hulk", "Wanted", and I just saw "Hellboy 2" yesterday. I have a review up for it already. I had reviews for all the other films, but the stupid virus on the site deleted them all. I hope to see "The Dark Knight" on opening day, but I don't think I'll get that lucky, but I know for certain I'm gonna see it in theaters one of the earlier weeks it is out. I haven't seen "The Pagemaster" in years, but I remeber, my favorite thing about it was always the dragon at the end.
this looks pretty good i suppose
Lone Wolf   »  Crunkvillesista(cvs)
By the way, cool choice of songs. I like the Wendy Morton song "Whatever You Imagine". I remeber it from "The Pagemaster". I concsider that an animated classic.
Lone Wolf   »  Crunkvillesista(cvs)
Hey there. Haven't talked to you for a long time, sorry about that. How are you? You seen any good movies lately? And also, how has your summer been so far?