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Can't wait for more Inhumans! The mid-season finale was great!
It's all about variety. It's nice to have it and having both fun and dark superhero movies is something to be cherished.

P.S. @darkdream make your point and leave your hate speak for your clan meeting stupid f*ck
Please make Earthworm Jim!!!!
Loved the comic! Can't wait for the movie!!!
Exceptional work Mr.Gunn. Simply outstanding
We just need enough people saying "Please, let this movie happen!!!".
Wish that would've happened
Please have Carnage in some Spider-Man movie!!!!
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CrankFarney wrote a comment about the news item Philip Seymour Hoffman Passes Away at Age 46
Go f*ck yourself you insensitive prick @ObiWanShinobi
This will be a treasured item for my growing collection. I've been waiting for this release for some time now
Old Man Logan!!!!
Can't wait for it! The comic was awesome!
gary oldman would be very cool
I just hope they get the voice right for rocket raccoon. Someone like Ray Winstone
Please let it be that Carry's going to be Carnage!!!!!
Hope they come up with a better title and it would be cool to go back to NY. Maybe have a run-in with Zesus? Possibly include Matt (Justin Long) with Lucy and disapproving big brother Jack all in to help on the last adventure? That'd be cool. Hell, throw in a cameo from now retired Sgt. Al Powell to bring it back to the first.
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  • CrankFarney gave it 5.0 stars

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I'll see it just to hear what he's come up with because the songs from Flight of the Conchords were pretty awesome.


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