"Do not let HER be the one that got away; she's definitely a keeper."
Corey W. gave it 5.0 Stars

American Hustle

"Do the hustle. You go Russell."
Corey W. gave it 3.5 Stars

Out of the Furnace

"Calling it the biggest disappointment of the year doesn't even begin to describe OUT OF THE FURNACE"
Corey W. gave it 1.5 Stars

The Vampire Diaries: True Lies

"The fifth season of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES continues to keep the thrills, chaos, and madness in order in it's well-crafted second episode."
Corey W. gave it 4.5 Stars

Don Jon

"Don't confuse DON JON with anything other than what it really is. This is not a romantic-comedy, it's not going to sweep you off your feet and make you feel really good inside. This film is raw, confident, and it has edge that'll surprise you till the end"
Corey W. gave it 5.0 Stars

Insidious Chapter 2

"The second chapter to James Wan's horror tale lines up nicely with the first film and fixes all of it's flaws in a very neat fashion, tying loose ends up with a pretty and twisted little bow. It's scary how good this is for a sequel."
Corey W. gave it 4.0 Stars

The Spectacular Now

"The Spectacular Now is an awkward, beautiful, dark, depressing, hilarious, and engaging piece of film that deserves all it's praise."
Corey W. gave it 5.0 Stars


"Paranoia is far from perfect...but it's certainly far from being god-awful as well."
Corey W. gave it 3.5 Stars

Kick-Ass 2

"If you don't jumbo-size your popcorn and drink for this one, you'll be making a huge mistake. It blends with the beautiful action oh-so-nicely."
Corey W. gave it 4.0 Stars

The Conjuring

"Have no fear for the horror genre no more...because THE CONJURING is here to put the fear back in it!"
Corey W. gave it 4.0 Stars