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the very first black and white version was the best but i still like carpenters almost as much. the new one i think was creepiest with the visuals,and that made it scary but the truth is once you see the monster enough the thrill is almost gone. it was what it was but i like spielburg's idea of hiding the shark until the end and having better story and character to make a better movie. This movie is creepy to watch but there's not much to figure out the second outing .
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i just saw this one and i thought that the creepiness and scariness came from the viual effects and music score. The twisted creatures were great also you really didn't know exactly who might be the thing . at the end of the movie you relize if you were a fan of carpenters version that this one is a prequel. When i saw the 2 faces connected together on that thing and the dog being chased by the helicoper i knew for sure that carpenters version starts right there. i wonder if the 50s version could strangely play last or before these 2.
Egerton kind of reminds me of k. russel in the eyes in some scenes.
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a very underated ford film ,one of my favs. Love the way the opening scenes play.
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you would think there would be more comments on the best sci fi color film noirish movie ever made. the movie can go in more than a couple of directions , it depends on the viewers interpretation. is decard a replicant or no? go to,
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you might want to keep it down about the free movie jazz, the next thing u know is they will be trying to shut it down. looks like the cat is out of the bag though!
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i stubbled upon this website ../goodfight . go there and click on "theater" and scoll down on your right to transformers,it details secret meanings to the movie hidding in plain view that can't be ignored. This web site in not for the people hiding this secret. check out the matrix while your there. ..considerble information.
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read my review on the dark knight and i tell you why i think that batman with michael keaton is better...for one thing ,...better back story for the joker. You even get more personal with bruce wayne. I grew up watching tv batman with adam west in the starring role and jack nicks joker was closer to the orig. character than nolons. I must say nolan knows how to recreate but you just can't beat the origianals,that's why they are called the originals.
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i think this was almost up there with "the natural",(starring robert redford,robert duvall, kim basinger &.glen close) i can't put it over the natural but it is right behind . The original "bad news bears"is also one of my fav. baseball movies since i was younger.
i would like to know what was heard in some of those conversations to the players that turned it all around, i would like to know how hoffman's character reacted when proven wrong. i do think those couple of outburst of pitt's character(beane) went over the top to the point of being a stupid time killer,they could have inserted better material in one of those spaces i think , but the highlighted winning and overall in the movie scrathed that out for the moment.
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great movie. pitts best since seven.
cool posure
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as you even see in the movie when you stand up to speak,someone always tries to shoot you down,but in the end they will always regret it ,you just know hoffmans charater did,he was a headstrong prick oposing sugestions made by pitts character.
This baseball movie ,as i stated down below, is more about standing up rather than given in. also the daughter is a great additive to the story,she writes a song for her father and plays it on the guitar,thats' just one of the things that gave this movie that "film" feel. I might go to see it again.
great films from first to last playing now....
money ball
killer elite
ides of march
feel free to swap a couple
mick should have come back with more to do rather than sit around in a tattoo shop the whole time .
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brad pitt should play bode.
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I didn't say that if you turned me upside down thousands of tiny little baseballs would fall out of my pocket but i know enough about baseball concerning playing in the neighborhood and at school in the past that it's a sport that's susposed to have good sportmanship and meaning and anyone that opens their eyes half way can see that many ball players in the "so called" professional arena have thrown that away to acheive fortune and fame using steroids and dishonest dealings under the table. This here though was a movie and for a movie i think it delivored nessasary lessons for us all. .... in my first comment below u will notice i ask a simple question that required no rude responce, was there a wiz kid involved, in the true story this was taken from? were the players spoken to behind close doors about different tatics they can use during the game ,like it portrays in the movie,something had to cause the great uturn they took in winning those string of games almost acheiving final victory.
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This movie rocks um,socks um,boxes um,and knocks and drops um on their uh uh behinds!
Once it gets a going i'm thinking this yrs i robot with a little inspiration from over the top and rocky with syvester s. but no no no this is the blockbuster that digs for the original and finds it. This is real steel, heavy freaking duty. ...more heart and feeling "at the end" than a couple of rockys ,..
Stacked against it ,they would crumble. This is about a man rediscovering his passion again, not only as a father but a fighter. A son out to win him back through a somewhat gift from above found in a junk yard of all places. Some parts could have been written better but the payoff is well worth it. Check out the expressions on their faces,in their eyes,this is classic stuff at finaly of the movie. Spielburg was even involved ,what can i say ,and you know in his movies the good guys always win,and you freaking may learn something worth more than millions for your life if you pay attention. i say appritiate this!
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how about "black tie" as a title for a bond movie...quick ,sharp,and to the point.Call me ,i think i thought of this one.How about ..
"a thousand cats eyes" and make it about an international team of femal cat burgulars that that are ripping off some her majesties valubles and have begun to threaton u.s. security and their crimes reaches even our nation's capital.They call in ,who else, but bond.
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check out the original with charles bronson(a classic)
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watch for when trejo hooks the machine round off cannon to the motor bike's handle bars and does a in the air pop a wheely...i don't ever remember seeing that in a movie and i've seen rewind, now thats' dangerous cinema!
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the movie that's designed to lop a litttle off the top. Danny trejo and de niro are back together again except as oposites.This time danny gets more light while robert sits a couple rounds out..... I do wish danny was given more to do in the michael mann movie..heat.
michelle rodrigues ,a favorite since fast.,alba ..great,better than she was in the eye.and it was a true treat to see steven seagal back on the big screen, in sword style fasion.get ready for a full loaded clip ,equiped with swords in a kung fu grip!..i like the way that sounds.uh uh