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coolnblue wrote a comment about the movie Contraband
the end payoff was somewhat a blast of satisfaction,but the overall movie, was to me, a mix of bad decision writing. Every one was pretty much a cutthrote and no one can be trusted,what might be your fav characters could turn in a minute.
i may see it again yrs from now but i don't plan on it.
coolnblue wrote a comment about the movie From Paris with Love
it's a shame that travolta took a pay check to be in this stupid movie. movies like this destroy careers as you all have seen. Great movie stars start off with serious roles ,even some great action movies and then resort to some of the silliest action movies to sell a ticket. Remember "hollywood homicide" with harrison ford,an example of a movie that a great actor should never be in. You'll notice it's been pretty much down hill in a certain aspect since then for ford and josh what's his name,I mean ford was up high ,People should appriciate some of the better films, like tinker tailor soldier spy,my weekend with mariland,and some others that i haven't seen in theators.
coolnblue wrote a comment about the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
if there's anyone that thinks that the original 3 with noomi rapace were better than this new one comment on here and tell us. noomi was spot on i can tell you that but the truth is, it is yet to be seen by myself what this new tattooed starlet has to offer,we'll see. i do think daniel c. was the perfect choice for bloomfist,i would most likely have chosen him too after seeing the originals,a great match.If you still haven't seen the origs. check um out on dvd,switch it over to the dubbed track,they came off real well and at the end of the third one you may even stand up and cheer in your own house,the trilogy is a triump,i would even bet for all the book heads out there as well.
best vampire movie since the first lost boys or some other great classic. Twightlight,what is that ,some scary soap opera? haven't even seen any of um,potter,or lord of the fruit loops.
ethan h. and the whole freaking cast woe, watch out ,and the way they just went for it at the ending,that was a settling of the fog for sure! who care about a sequel ,the movie was great! and original feeling ,it's about time. They even thew in trans am!
coolnblue wrote a comment about the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
i saw the trilogy on (one of the best ones i've seen) on dvd with n. rapace and i would bet that this new remake can't touch it. "The trilogy" is dubbed, but well dubbed,. It had one of the best endings i've ever seen.This new version from what i see in the previews is nothing more than an american remake with a more violent rape scene but not anything more than that .I haven't seen the new one and as great as the first 3 originals were i really don't care if i do see this new one but i'll let you know if i do..
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i rather watch smallville, better than all "the sequels".
but you can't beat reeve and hackmon as lex in the first superman movie.
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i went home and watched kill the irishman afterwards on dvd, the best ganster movie in yrs ,go to the page and read my comment.
Tower heist great ,eddies back but i didn't like how i felt like they hurried the ending up .
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This can easily be a bigger and badder movie than good fellas. It was an irish man's good fellas with a dash of brando's "on the water front". I was greatly surprised how they make a somewhat hero out of danny greene .That was something!. The whole cast- out of sight , Why i didn't see this in movies is a mystery,
I reckon people would rather see a piece of crap movie with a big star at the front than ray stevenson who i think is the under dog of the yr.
walken in top form as well as Vincent D'Onofrio. For all you movie watchers,their's a couple of surprise guest .Hint --one is in a deleted scene not shown in theaters of the first die hard movie and the other grills great italian sausages in good fellas.
Best ganster movie i've seen in at least 10 yrs!
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coolnblue wrote a comment about the movie J. Edgar
((I haven't checked all the facts before I saw this movie .i'm no historian ,i must do a little research, A couple of elderly ladies were saying as they exited that the things that were spoke about were pretty much known ))... It's about the determination and elevated statis of j edgar hoover into the fbi. In the movie he loves his mother but gives up on "the woman" that put their work before commited relationships by which played a role in him becoming attracted to a man he hires that follows his coats tails through the whole movie. He saw martin luther king and jfk as some kind of communist or rebel rousers. But before you judge the man dipicted in this movie remember when dealing with a man,a man of this world i say,you are dealing with a man with common struggles and imperfetions. I do like the notable respect he had for his mother's moral stature and advice.
Leo did great work in this clint e. directed portrayal of one of americas most memorable characters that published fear throughout the crime world.
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how can anyone say this movie was boring or a letdown must not know great film when they see it , jeremy renner should have got best supporting actor. This movie had some of the best robbery scenes ever and the mask with the dreds were used in an original fassion .I think the idea of ben's character getting involved with that witness was stupid but if you could let that be it all pretty much worked.
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best angie movies ..
a mighty heart
the changeling
the tomb raider movies
the bone collecter -where she took charge. it will pass with me.
and well,salt was fine i reckon.
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not many comments huh, well i reckon the people that liked it are keeping quiet. Mickey rourke should have beat out penn but they were pushing once again the gay agenda just like broke back moutain. If you heard penn's acceptance speech "you'll know" he knew what the academy was up to. What a phony organization, when you see with your own eyes at least a stack of movies that are ignored by these people (rattle snakes)every yr. Sell outs to promote a trend or in this case a lifestyle. The wrestler was brutaly honest ,very off the ropes,...about as much as a movie can get,a real film that i woke up feeling the next day and after. No one would've cared about harry milk if some big name actor like shaun penn hadn't played him.
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coolnblue wrote a comment about the movie The Amazing Spider-Man
who want's this movie???didn't anyone ask these fans first before they went ahead this webbed freak show?! i almost feel angry.
coolnblue wrote a comment about the movie The Amazing Spider-Man
i don't care if this one is great or not, i wished they wouldn't have even started. . The first three cool but another one doing the same story ,what were these people thinking,i mean ,it's way too soon for that,maybe wait 25 yrs and then maybe and i say that very loosely. i;m about spideed out ,why run a great super hero into the ground,that's the idea of these dumies right?
coolnblue wrote a comment about the movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon
i was saying...who's megan fox now?
she's fading out like the rest that i mention in my comment,angie says she might not do any movies any more . Angilena is somewhat great, the sad thing ,is the media has turned her into this bubblegum plastic movie star.
coolnblue wrote a comment about the movie Miami Vice
i'm ready for the sequel,i hope they have more day shots of miami and fast and colorful cars like the tv show did.
coolnblue wrote a comment about the movie Captain America: The First Avenger
captain america ..better than the original,does anyone remember that one? i bareley do. i reckon this is one movie that was better than the original. i think i went to see that one back in the 80s or something or was it on tv? .
coolnblue wrote a comment about the movie Captain America: The First Avenger
the joker in the dark knight ,like i say in my review just pops up like a "jack in a box"...out of no where,goes on a rampage killing spree with spur of the moment detinators and scemes. that's it in a nut shell and that's about what he amounted to ,"in one aspect". I thought ledger could have been given more character to work with because he was wilded out talented.You learn nothing about him as the joker, except what you can imagine,you really get nothing , nothing compared to the lines delivored by jack nick like.... (go with a smile,we got a live one hear and others),he was comical but no joke.In michael keaton batman you see the joker as a small time hood before his rise to the most wanted list. If all you want is action,a blast so to speak,then the dark knight is for you, but those that appritiate story, character and action ,the michael keaton batman is the best. I hear that the new batman movie is the last one nolan will make,(sounds like he's used the batman up and is ready to cash in,yeah i said it there.)and what has he told us about the characters so far ?...,You get a back story about bruce being a ninja and only a couple of other tid bits about 2 face and some other forgetable characters like that one with that bee bullshh .I will say gary oldmans great in anything ,check him out in "true romance"- with brad pitt,chistian slater,and c. walken.
The academy don't know jack about movies,you know that,look at all the movies that they've passed up that should have been in the running. get serious!