CBF gave it 1.5 Stars

X-Files: Fight the Future, The DVD

"Take Your Greatest Fear, And Multiply It By X."
CBF gave it 3.0 Stars

The X-Files - Fight the Future Blu-ray

"Great for the New Features. Not So Great That It's Only a Blu-Ray Release."
CBF gave it 4.5 Stars
CBF gave it 0.0 Stars
CBF gave it 4.0 Stars

Casino Royale DVD

"An Outstanding Companion Piece to the 007 Ultimate Edition Box Sets. Packed With a New Third Disc Spanning Over 10 Entirely New Featurettes and a Cool Case, This DVD is a Must-Buy Over the 2006 Version For Any 007 Fan."
CBF gave it 4.5 Stars

Friday the 13th Part 2

"A word of caution about our friends in the forest."
CBF gave it 1.5 Stars

Friday the 13th

"The boy, is he dead too?"
CBF gave it 2.5 Stars

Superman II: Richard Donner Cut, The DVD

"Great Companion Piece to the Original Superman."
CBF gave it 4.0 Stars

Superman: Brainiac Attacks - DVD

"A Great DVD for Brainiac Fans."
CBF gave it 3.5 Stars