Wonder Woman 2009 DVD

"DC Does it Again with This Brilliant Adaptation of Wonder Woman, the World's Greatest Super Heroine."
CBF gave it 4.5 Stars

Superman Doomsday: Special Edition DVD

"DC and Warner Premiere Link Up to Give Us the First in a Line of PG-13 Graphic Novel Adaptations on DVD. And the Formula Works Very Well."
CBF gave it 4.5 Stars

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies DVD

"The Best DC Universe Animated Original Movie, Action-Packed and Heavily Enjoyable: A Literal Comic Book Come to Life."
CBF gave it 4.5 Stars

Green Lantern: First Flight DVD

"Another Quality Release from DC/WP, and a Great Green Lantern Corps Adaptation."
CBF gave it 4.5 Stars

Spider-Man 3 DVD

"The third installment attempts to take us farther into Spidey’s history, but ultimately fails in its recreation."
CBF gave it 2.5 Stars

Spider-Man 2.1 DVD

"Recommended for the Die-Hard Spidey fans, or the avid collector."
CBF gave it 4.0 Stars

Spider-Man 2 DVD

"The best in the series. Period."
CBF gave it 4.5 Stars

Spider-Man DVD

"The first Spidey epic has the most awesome special effects of the series, due to the basics, but the film could have been a little better."
CBF gave it 3.5 Stars

X-Files: Fight the Future, The DVD

"Take Your Greatest Fear, And Multiply It By X."
CBF gave it 3.0 Stars

The X-Files - Fight the Future Blu-ray

"Great for the New Features. Not So Great That It's Only a Blu-Ray Release."
CBF gave it 4.5 Stars