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Special features have gotten bland since S/B: Public Enemies. Nice review. I have since given up on this franchise after Flashpoint.
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For some reason I thought her name was Elysia. Hmm. Good review, D. Can't wait to see her in Once Upon A Time Season 3.
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She was The Princess in Super Mario Bros., and Frank Castle's wife in The Punisher. She got me as a kid in Mario. Always thought she was pretty. Too bad she didn't get more roles.
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Good review Corey.

But First Class wasn't that good to me. Xavier & Magneto were the appeal and nothing more. Sebastian Shaw & Emma Frost's Hellfire Club seemed promising, but turned out to be poorly written and actors who delivered drull performances for those iconic characters. All the X kids were crap and annoying. Beast looked terrible and laughable. The cat face from Whedon's Astonishing X-Men did not work on screen as well as in the books and the way the filmmakers went about it. Likewise, Mystique looked equally horrible and Jennifer Lawrence was not a good actress in that movie either. Even Moira MacTaggart was wrongfully portrayed and written. The only draw to First Class was Xavier, Magneto & the original costumes. That was literally it.

Skip to Days of Future Past and they fixed everything that was wrong with First Class. The annoying kids? Killed off screen. Thank God. Beast & Mystique's terrible looks? Fixed, and now reflect Kelsey Grammer's and Rebecca Romijn's later looks (chronologically speaking). Jennifer Lawrence, fresh off her newer franchise The Hunger Games, is now a way better actress. Much needed for the character and where her arc is going in the films. I can now accept her in the role as equal to the other cast members and not an annoying kid with stupid lines. Xavier & Magneto? Deeper richer story arcs and performances that go beyond First Class. The original trilogy's cast? Awesome. Wolverine? Sure, cash cow, but rightfully serves the story well. Quiksilver? He looked like BK's Kid Vid in the promo shots, but not in the film, it came across way better and he stole the scenes he was in. Only thing that would have been better? About 3 to 4 explanations which were missed greatly and Rogue's cut scenes to better serve the story.

Thank you Singer for returning to the franchise. Now beat those charges so you can come back to helm Apocalypse.

That's as close as a new review as y'all will get from me. Lol. Sorry, Cor, jus happened to be a comment to your review lol.
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@cupid Thanks bud, I had figured it out eventually. But notice no one is taking an interest in the forums anymore. My Comic Forum had tons of posts, but stopped getting replies about a year ago. As for the rest of the website, with the lack of respect of the admins towards the community and their loyal die-hard users, which is apparent to the new layout change and further removal of features and fake empty promises, it seems like the last of the die-hard members have left and moved on. Alas, so have I.

MW simply doesn't care about its' own community or keeping the site going as a social network. Which is sad and is the fault of the incompetent staff.
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It's completely @movieweb's fault. There are many factors, including merging with Facebook (which brought in the unintelligent users that flooded the loyal community), promising us loyal community users things which they never planned on implementing (profile customization options, chat bar, IP bans), and changing the layout so many times for no reason that has now deemed the site useless. They don't care that they have chased off their diehard community - as long as they have the numbers, which they will due to the ever-growing number of Facebook chumps that lack any form of decency. I joined in 2008, when this website had its' own persona - even though it copied the MySpace format, it had custom HTML profiles, Official Reviewers, and a really awesome community. Cool users were all over this site and friends were being made everywhere. It almost was its' own social network.

Then came 2009 and the horrible layout change to 4.0 - they got rid of everything cool and made the pages plain white as day in an attempt to copy Facebook, then they joined Facebook and advertised the site there so an abundance of overwhelmingly unintelligent Fb users flooded the site and ruined the website. We fought to get a Live Feed up on the home page and now they've completely disregarded it with the newest, crappiest layout for this site we have ever seen. At one point, I was promised to help them with the website. Just more empty promises that they never planned to implement. @brian and all the admins simply don't care. They acted like they did but started staying silent and not replying to anyone anymore and it became apparent to all of us that they really just never did. Just fake promises and over time, a dwindling of the community.

I have made close to 15 real friends off this site in 6 years - and at least 3 are now my best friends who I talk to everyday. That's how important this site was. None of them are here anymore. None of your friends you made have stayed here, due to the incompetent changes made by the staff. All the backbone users of the community have all felt betrayed by the admins for these changes and we have all left. Some of us keep in touch on Facebook and PSN, and some of us, we may never speak to again. (Hope you are doing good, @narrator and @moviebuff123 !!) It is unfortunate but it is solely the fault of @movieweb and its' admins.

Long live the 2008 format.

Anyone who wants to keep in touch on PS3 you can find me under cbfwebs.
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Black Cat & Mary Jane in TASM3.
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This is great news. Especially not knowing if Webb would return following the deal he made with the other studio lending him out under the agreement he make 2 or 3 films for them. I wonder if they must have let him out of this contract, MovieWeb reported this, interesting as there is now mysteriously no mention of that in this subsequent article...
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Dude what happened to this website? Looks really horrible now, especially that disgusting home page, and where is the live feed on the home page?? Where are the Forums?? I still manage my Comic Forum. How do I access it?? Pretty much making this site non-usable for me anymore.

Also, this is terrible news. Aykroyd may be the only original 'buster back. Might as well scrap it.
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Adrian Toomes.

I don't believe that The Lizard will be part of this line-up.
Trailer does not hint at Black Cat. Pure speculation on the writer's part and not factual. Biased article.
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@Michael-Kolesik Check the villains in the alternate universe series "Ultimate Spider-Man" and realize that they are taking the villains and some of the story from this comic book for this franchise, while only retaining some of the flagship "Amazing Spider-Man" series.

Alas, he is right. This film, nevermind these pictures, do not reveal The Black Cat. Never once did she confirm she was Black Cat, @balanorange. This is your own speculation and I think a rewrite of the article's title is in order due to bias. @movieweb @brian