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@ejk1 Haha I know....that's what worries me....I can't take Reynolds' word anymore.....
@Joshua-Hollaway oh...........thank you. lol
@ROFLitschristian what do you mean "+1" ?
@bane5000 hahaha! That's literally word for word what I pictured in my head. lol "That was awesome. Now cut it down to make it PG-13" "Why? This is gonna be a hit!" "Yeah, we said the same thing about Predators.......edit it." lol
@bane5000 ofcourse they will. Cuz FOX doesn't give a sh*t about quality. That's why when I see the FOX logo, instead of getting excited, I go "oh sh*t..."
Meh, looks pretty lame. And it sucks that, although they have the directors of Sex Drive, they didn't have them write it, and I can definitely tell from the trailer. They got, one guy who has only written episodes of Happy Endings, and the guys who, granted they wrote Role Models, but they also wrote Wanderlust and The Tens. Sean Anders and John Morris are hysterical writers, it's a shame they didn't have a hand in the writing. I hope it's good, cuz obviously I can't assume from just the trailer, but I really don't like what I"m seeing. Eh, that's just my two cents.
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Oh my god.....that was f*cking awesome....
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Never thought I'd actually say this....but....I'm officially in.
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Sounds, pretty much, like Buried. I could tell the ending right now.
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"Megan Fox and Jon Hamm navigate a unique relationship in this upcoming romantic comedy...".............. that is not what the film is, not even close......
@bawnian-dexeus Lol, Problem? no, I'm just surprised. i expected to see them, but I was like "I didn't expect them to shove the skrulls in my face so much"
@bawnian-dexeus seriously?
@bawnian-dexeus I'm talking about the extended trailer, where they practically dance in front of the camera. are aware that they were in the super bowl commercial, right?
@TheActionMovieArtist What do you expect? It's B Alan. He does stupid sh*t every article, and doesn't give a f*ck. I know, it angers me too.
@Zak-Lee-Ferguson Is that right? hmmm, maybe I will do that then. I'll give it another shot.
I should be going "woohoo! they gonna f*ck sh*t up with them machetes!"....but I would just be lying to myself....:(
@Zak-Lee-Ferguson oooooh, I'm sorry to hear that. Tinker Tailor was trash.
Great review! and damn, I really wish we had a steelbook available here. I would get that sh*t in a second!
I can't wait to get this. This was the best film I saw last year. I'm picking up Drive tomorrow, so I hope I can get money for this by the 28th. so excited!