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1.The Hunger Games-Dull, poorly written, terribly directed, awfully editing, and hoooorrible acting. I hate this movie and do not understand it's fanbase.

2.Life Of Pi-Pretty looking, but so hollow and dull that it adds nothing to the visuals. boring and bland.

3. Flight- not an awful movie, but i've heard people freaking out over this movie like it's some huge Oscar contender, but i found that it DRAAAAGGED on waaaaaayy more than necessary. The first 45 minutes were solid, but after that, the film really goes into a sloppy tail spin.
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Friday the 13th Part II or Friday the 13th Part III
Ghost Rider -- Eva Mendes
Dark Blue
Kiss of the dragon
@skywise I actually have played arkham city in 3D, and I thought the main menu looked amazing, but I thought that the actual gameplay was just okay.
@skywise You're right! I am the proud owner of the 10th anniversary, and it IS amazing!!!! And I have a 3D tv, and I want to play it in 3D soooo badly! Sadly, i gotta get the glasses separately, and they're 80 bucks a pop :(
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Bel Ami - Robert Pattinson
Can't wait! Loved this movie!!!!!
I picked up a bunch from the library:

-Hesher ( a very original, fun, and entertaining indie film that just further proves joseph gordon levitt's talent.) 8/10

-Robber (Very week , bland, german film. Solid action scenes, but a shotty pace, and a bland storyline.) 4/10

-The Omen (Pretty dull, although the lighting and set design are top notch, the acting is great all around, the direction is solid, some decent scares, and although the script isn't necessarily bad, it's just bland. I didn't really give a sh*t about anyone or anything.) 5/10

-Dear John (I usually like some of these nicholas sparks movies, but this one was just kinda meh. It was cute, but I really couldn't fully get into it, the script was pretty week, and I didn't like where it ended up.) 6/10

-The Haunting Of Molly Hartley (Not as bad as I expected, and it was actually pretty solid all the way through, but that ending was pretty lackluster, and the music queue at the very end left me going "What the hell?") 7/10

-What's Your Number (Although it's got a very funny script, the directing really kinda brought it down, and it ended up just being an okay, but not very memorable, romantic comedy.) 6/10

-The Love Guru (It's officially the worst movie I've ever seen) .2/10

-Footloose /Remake/ (Surprisingly, it was a pretty fun, cute musical.) 7/10

-Step Up: Revolution 3D (Weak 3D, but all around, it was a pretty fun matinee. It has its boring moments, but some of the dance scenes are cool enough to wake you back up, especially its epic finale.) 7/10
The Lookout and Waist Deep.

The Lookout was a PHENOMENAL film, and probably one of my all time favorites.

Waist Deep wasn't anything to really write home about, but it was a very enjoyable and fun Hip-Hope action flick.
The first 2 Halo games. They are classics, and true masterpieces. As much as the first one is, essentially just a run and gun game, I think it has such a rich story and fresh, fun, gameplay, that it not only entertains me every play through, but it has a sentimental meaning in my heart, because it was not only the first Xbox game I ever played, it's not only the first shooter I ever played, but it's the first game that REALLY got me into gaming. i still game today. It does not match my love for film, or writing, or free running, but it is one of my favorite forms of relaxation and recreational play with my friends. It has expanded my mind, and even my body, creatively. Sorry, I got kinda carried away.

P.S. As groundbreaking and fun as Halo 3's multiplayer is, F*CK HALO 3.

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The Dark Knight or The Dark Knight Rises?
Saffron Burrows -- Deep Blue Sea
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Oh? Really? That's the plot? YA DON'T SAY!