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LoL heck even Viggo Mortensen
Frank Grillo or Joe Manganiello for Joel.
This movie is going to suck so bad. The other one was a classic because of the year it was filmed in which added to the awesome feel of that movie and the music of that time , actors used and gritty action. You wanna watch a remake to this movie? Watch the first Fast and Furious.....done! There is nothing awesome about "now". That movie had the grundge feel. What will this movie EDM era filled theme with extreme sports and a cameo with Corey Hart instead of Anthony Kiedis. SMH
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Really? Remaking a movie that still stands the test of time? SMH. As if, any director or actor at this given point in time will be able to top this movie let alone match it. What's wrong with Hollywood. The box office makes no money these days as opposed to how it use to which is the reason why we have all these low budget starter movies you see on netflix or vod. Not bashing Indie flicks cuz im a fan of most but im referrring to cheap movies made by/with no talent. So maybe Hollywood needs to see be seeking a different solution to the problem.
Charlize Theron or Sandra Bullock
If they keep the "Brooklyn seniors" theme then i say Deniro, Pacino, and Walken. Maybe if not Pacino, then definitely Alan Arkin.
Well of it helps you sleep vetter by telling yourself he's gonna be alright then cool. Although, he will suck. Much like his attempt at overacting. That guy always seems unnatural when he acts. Just because he's made a comeback in film through directing doesnt meanhe all of a sudden is a better actor
He's just starring in better made films. U dont come off an actor like Bale and go to Affleck. What a downgrade. Brolin woulda been better. They coulda made a bkack batman as Idris Elba and ida been more happy. (Sarvastoc of course) Well we'll see how he does....not optimistic but we'll see.
Oh ya, and I liked the Crispin Glover choice too. I could definitely see that.
Gaspard Ulliel from Hannibal Rising. This guy has the look and he can definitely play crazy and sinister in a sadistic way. Sure, he hasnt been in much American films but he was quite the surprise in Hannibal Rising.
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Trying to capture the 80's. This looks like a spoof. Eveb Robot Jox and Robot Wars were better than this. SMH
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Bad Lieutenant 3?
ChuckConnors wrote a comment about the news item Point Break Remake Gets Director Ericson Core
I'm good with remakes from movies in the 70's and before but anything 80s and moving forward should not be touched. They're still relevant in my opinion.
ChuckConnors wrote a comment about the news item Point Break Remake Gets Director Ericson Core
They just cant recreate the feel of this movie. It's the definite 90's movie with the music, the setting, the tone, the actors. You can't replace those actors for what that type of film was. It has Anthony Kiedis for Christ's sake. It was the time. What, now they're gonna put Justin Bieber in as a cameo. Come on... They've made so many movies with similar plots anyways. They simply wanna stamp the title on the reboot just to boost a first week of sales. That's how low hollywood has gotten and how bad the box office has been that they are just settling for a hot opening weekend because that's what'll happen then it'll fade just like these other reboots.
The episode he starred in for Tales From The Crypt was still one of my favorites and it was probably one of the scariest episodes.
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Before that "Heat" was the Burt Reynolds "Heat" which this is a remake of. But ya, i still wouldnt call it "Heat" for the sake of not having 3 "Heat" out there.
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They need to stop remaking this movie because it was a product that only worked for it's time with the grunge music, nine inch nails track,etc. It was definitely a period piece in certain ways. It was dark. And very rated R, very raw movie and emotionally intense. Nowadays movies are so watered down and when they try to make it raw or whatever, they over do it to the point it almost comes off as a satire. Even if they try to make it in the same type of setting and time period it wont work. Already been made. James is a great actor but no, they need to leave this one alone. Movies that are considered emotionally intnse now are like what...Twilight as someone mentioned in here. They dont make them gritty and cool like they did use to...hence "True Romance".
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Sounds like Pierce is trying to follow Liam's resurgence.
They gotta get Kurt Russell. Growing up he was my next favorite bad ass next to Arnold, Stallone, and Willis.
It would be cool if the premise of T5 followed a storyline that included time traveling as a major part of the premise land incuded maybe a story following the actual human theT800 was modeled after similar to an episode they had on the show. Not saying the whole movie needs to revolve around this as it's main plot but make it an integral part of the story. Maybe that's a way to keep him in the film at his age and it make sense in the story.


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